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Making Profit from Real Estate Investment

Posted by Balaji on February 10, 2021

Real estate is considered one of the most promising investment options after the share

market. Investing in real estate helps to produce a reliable passive income. As the

value of the property increases over time, it also turns out to be an excellent long-term

investment. Many people see it as one of the significant parts of their overall strategy

focused on building wealth. However, before jumping to invest in this sector, you must

be ready to do some good analysis and research. It is important to note that buying a

flat, a home, or a plot of land involves huge investment so you have to be very

cautious and aware. In addition, the cost of maintenance of the property is going to be

an extra expense. Thus, you have to check some crucial points about investing in real



Think about “Should I invest in Property”

Before you start searching for a suitable property from an investment point of view, it

is essential to check whether you are serious about it and can manage a variety of

issues associated with such a purchase. Proper thinking about this question will give

you a much-desired direction.


Do Not Borrow to invest

It is always best to pay attention to the advice given by financial experts when

planning to invest in a house. Experts are advising investors against borrowing money

to purchase investments.  In order to purchase a property, it is better to invest

from your excess cash or savings. In the unfortunate situations where the return on

invested property is not higher than the cost of your borrowings then you would be at

a net loss.


Expense Planning

When buying a property for investment, it is wise to consider expenses like the cost of

utilities, repairs, taxes, & upkeep. You can hire the services of a rental company that

can handle all rent collection, upkeep, and maintenance of the property.


Careful Property Research

It is important to carefully inspect the property you are planning to buy. It is advised to

check its location, amenities, and other factors that can help you determine the

estimated property value. In the current market scenario where a multitude of projects

are lagging way behind schedule, verifying the builder’s reputation and the on-time

delivery record has become the most crucial factor.


Talk to a reputed real estate agent

Buying property is a big financial decision. Hiring a real estate agent can get you the

best property for an affordable price while you have to do as little work as possible.

Experience in the real estate market allows agents to help you sell or buy. A real estate

agent handles all the behind the scenes portions of the transaction. Ex. setting up the

home inspection, appraisal, repairs, etc. Real estate agents can make the process

much easier, hassle-free, and satisfying to the buyer and the seller.

Investing in anything, including real estate requires experience & taking the right

decision at the right time. Thorough research can help you avoid losing money and

generate long-term profits that can be enjoyed for a long time.

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    Suresh K Krishna
    Suresh K Krishna
    3. July, 2023.
    I was very happy with the service provided. Gangadhar was very prompt and responsive at all the time till the completion of transaction.
    Umesh Shanbhogue
    Umesh Shanbhogue
    21. June, 2023.
    It has been an incredible and wonderful experience having Mr. Gangadhar Gowda's support and advice during the purchase of our flat. He is a good advisor and counselor! We are grateful to him for making the process much easier than it could be.
    Pushparani Bn
    Pushparani Bn
    17. June, 2023.
    Coldwell Banker Team helped me to get a BDA plot in E auction. Thank you each and all for the team......
    Krishna Prasad (Krishna)
    Krishna Prasad (Krishna)
    16. June, 2023.
    This is an amazing team, who guided me at every step of my purchase. Sathish, Gangadhar are professionals and they know how to help their customers get to their dreams. Thanks a lot.
    Raju P
    Raju P
    3. June, 2023.
    Balaji sir was nice working with you Thank you...
    Venkat Eswaran
    Venkat Eswaran
    25. May, 2023.
    We bought an apartment in Bangalore recently and Gangadhar made the entire process easy and seamless. Our experience with Gangadhar was outstanding and he took care of all the requirements for the property transfer end to end in a compressed timeframe. Gangadhar was patient, provided good advice and listened to all our requirements. He went above and beyond to help with a variety of other matters as well. I would highly recommend Gangadhar and his team.
    Ashwini Balakrishnan
    Ashwini Balakrishnan
    18. April, 2023.
    Mr. Balaji is our family acquaintance and is known to us for several years, he is also involved in philanthropic work, It is our good fortune that we entrusted the sale of our ancestral property to Mr. Balaji and his company. Mr. Balaji and his team of trusted lieutenants ensured the process right from selecting the buyer till completion of sale was completed without any hiccups and took care of all the paper work. Balaji and his team were willing to go the extra mile to ensure the sale was complete as per agreement. We would like to commend Balaji and team and hope we will have the opportunity to engage him again in the future. Wishing Balaji and team all success personally and professionally.
    Shubha Raghu
    Shubha Raghu
    18. April, 2023.
    We were introduced to Mr. Balaji by our sister sometime back for helping us sell our property. More than a broker he has been a good friend and guided us well through out the entire process. He has always been more than ready to help us. Our heartfelt thanks to him for a smooth journey in selling our property. I will definitely and strongly recommend his name to all my relatives and friends. Wishing him and his company success in all his future endeavours.
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