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Cat Breeders in India

Meet Your Meow-tch: Cat Breeders in India

Cat Breeders in India

Tips for the appropriate breeding of beautiful cat breeds in your home

Cats are lovely pets, and the interest that is shown in them to breed them in other countries is now picking up in India. People want to own beautiful, furry cats with unusual features like long fur or green, blue eyes, perhaps an all-white fur cat or perhaps a brown cat with blue eyes.

However, the process of cat breeding is meticulous because only then will you get a cat that has the features you want. Having a couple of unusual cats that were bred from parent cats of opposite characteristics or genes with the same qualities is a fabulous experience. However, the cat must be looked after very well so that its health is in good condition and it is always active and energetic.

Some important cat breeds native to India

  • Bengal CatBengal Cat: When you look at it for the first time, you can’t help but notice its spotted coat. It is actually a descendant of the Asian leopard cat. They love to play, quickly climb up, and can give off expressive meows. They are known to be quite affectionate towards their owners.
  • Bombay CatBombay Cat: It looks striking with its glossy black coat and beautiful green or yellow eyes. It moves about in an unusual manner, almost resembling the movement of a black panther. They are quite affectionate, create love to be patted, and even demand it. They are quite active, so if you give them toys, they will spend a lot of time playing with them.
  • Himalayan CatsHimalayan Cats: Since these cats are actually a cross between the Siamese cats and the Persian cats, they have a long and thick coat. They are hybrids and have short legs, so they cannot jump high or climb trees. They are quite soft-natured, so they are lovely house pets. They are not very active, so they like quiet environments. Their coat needs to be looked after with regular brushing, and having a vet close by is good as they can succumb to health problems frequently.

There are many other cat breeds that are grown in India, but they are from other parts of the world, such as

  • Siamese cats – They have a unique look with blue eyes, and a dark colour is seen on their paws, tails, and eats. They are quite intelligent and very affectionate, making them wonderful pets. They originate from Southeast Asia.
  • A Persian cat – What makes them different is their lovely, long, and fluffy coats. They are quiet and become very attached to their owners and people they love, even jumping to greet them at the door! They originate from Iran.
  • Maincoon Cats – What strikes you right away about their appearance is their large size and long hair, which is a double coat. They are very good house pets because they get along with kids and other animals at home. They originate from the United States.
  • Ragdoll cats –  What makes the so adorable is their silky smooth hair and blue eyes. They are quite calm and also friendly by nature, so they get along with their owners and other members of the family quite easily. They can also understand your emotions and will respond accordingly.

 What Are the Steps to Be Followed for Proper Cat Breeding?

  • Selective breeding is a method where the cat is selected based on traits such as colour of the fur, eye colour, tail size, fur length, etc. The colours that are desired in the new cat determine the cat chosen for breeding. The breeding can be done with cats of the same or different qualities.
  • Through pedigree analysis, the genetic traits of a particular breed can be understood, so that the cat that is bred has those qualities that you seek. It is the genes from parents that bring out traits in the offspring, and an analysis of this helps gain information on what genetic traits are likely to be in a cat that is bred from parents with certain specific genetic qualities.
  • When breeding a cat, it is vital that it is always kept in good health, which involves giving it nutritious food, giving it exercise through games, and also giving it the required vaccinations. It should also be taken for screenings so that it does not develop any genetic disorders.

How do I find the right cat breeder?

  • Look into the breeder profiles so that you find a cat breeder who is responsible and will adhere to quality standards. The breeder should have a meticulous process of helping you find the cat breed that you want to adopt and grow, and they should have a reputation for doing it successfully over a period of time.
  • The cat breeder should have done vaccinations and also carried out a health checkup before delivering the cat of your choice to your home if you are buying the cat online; otherwise, they should show it to you in their cat shop. When visiting the shop, check out its facilities.
  • You should be able to see different and important breeds of cats here. There should be facilities for them to play and have nutritious food. The shop should have pamphlets on its walls showing information on how to grow cats in your home. Check out the practices and standards followed by the shop in cat breeding.
  • When getting a beautiful cat from a particular breed from a cat breeder, the breeder will give details about its current health conditions, its habits, and guarantees on its health. Look into this, as you should not have to face surprise health issues, allergy problems, etc.

You should also get to know cat associations that ensure that feline friends are protected and well-kept. It is vital to get in touch with such associations in your city so that if you face any problems in getting the cat breed you want and in growing it from a kitten to a cat, you can contact them for advice. It is vital to be aware of the Animal Welfare Board of India, as it is the government body that promotes the welfare of animals and has established laws for keeping them in good living conditions.


Cat breeding can be made simple by looking into what breeds to select for breeding a new type of cat. You should also be aware of how to take care of a cat daily, what food is nutritious for it, and how to keep it engaged with toys. Above all, shower a lot of affection and love, which is most important for it to live long and be a wonderful companion.

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