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Modern Furniture TV Stand

Upgrade Your Space: Sleek Modern Furniture TV Stand Ideas

Discover the Best Modern Furniture TV Stands for Your Home

Modern Furniture TV Stand

When it comes to the television set, we all simply can’t do without it. Of course, we have to be careful about not using it excessively; otherwise, you are certainly going to land up being a couch potato! The large-screen televisions of today can be mounted on the wall, and they can be watched sitting on a soft and comfy sofa. Is that all for a TV stand, or is there more?

The television set is certainly not a beautiful piece of interior décor. How you mount it and the way the items surrounding it are kept make a difference in how it looks inside a room. The stand is basically a mount on the wall, but how you manage to keep it on the wall with various other design elements makes it break the appearance.

A look at some Modern Furniture TV Stand Ideas

Let’s take an example! How about a floating TV stand, which is actually an illusion created by a wall mount and floating cabinet below the TV? One that is made from natural wood gives the area a stylish and sleek look. This idea just shows that you need to be creative in how you go about finding the right TV stand for your TV. Here are some creative and modern furniture TV stand ideas:

  • Online stores are a great place to find TV stands, but you might get very ordinary-looking ones if you don’t broaden your search terms. When searching, include things like consoles, sideboards, and cabinets so that you can see a variety of designs that could fit into your living room space. You can also use terms like midcentury, vintage, modern, fern country, etc. to further access better TV stand designs.
  • If you want the TV stand to be a little obscure in a room, then mount it on a stand that is in the middle of art. Different types of oil paintings and ad art works surrounding the TV stand with the TV mounted on the wall distract attention away from it. With all the art works having matching frames,  the TV won’t be noticed in the room, and when you want to watch TV, simply switch it on.
  • Another idea is to put your TV behind a cabinet that can be opened as and when you want to watch it. The TV is out of site in the room, and if the cabinet has some decorative elements, attention is going only to them, so the TV behind it is more out of sight than ever.
  • How about getting a second-hand dresser and having the TV mounted on top of it? Instead of getting a storage cabinet to keep some paper, magazines, or a remote, you can use this dresser for storage. Something with knobs on the drawers is really good and adds charm to the space where the TV is placed on the wall.
  • Opt for a modular storage unit that also accommodates a television set. This type of furniture can be changed according to the demands of situations or needs, and it can be combined with other room elements in different ways. As an example of modular furniture with a place for the television, check out a  free-standing storage unit that can also be used as a room divider.
  • Media cabinets can be a very sophisticated way of mounting or placing your TV. Inside the cabinet is a space just for the TV, and of course, such cabinets will have space for various types of media, such as tapes, DVDs, etc., and chords. They also have closing doors that you can pull over the TV when it is not in use.
  • You can mount the TV on a wall that comes out from between two side panels in the room. Put a chandelier before it and some shelves made from wood on the sides, and the look is complete. Place books, photos, and art works on these shelves, and you will find that the look complements the TV mounted on the wall.
  • In a small space, a TV stand that has a minimalistic design is the best. It can be easily fitted into a small area and will still give a neat and sleek look. Furthermore, the design will be such that it is subtle and futhermore, the stand’s look will not dominate the room.
  • Make the TV an element of surprise in a room by putting it behind a sliding screen. The room looks normal, with its usual object when the TV is not in use. When you want to watch it, slide open the TV, and inside is the TV mounted on a stand. Watch your favorite movies sitting on a sofa right in front of it.
  • Another quite interesting idea is to mount the TV on a wall and have open as well as closed book shelves around it, as well as other storage elements. Put the right sofa, carpet, and mat in the room and it turns into a glamorous place where you can relax and watch TV whenever you want.
  • While most of us think of a TV stand as one that is horizontal and fits quite a bit of space in the wall, you are going to be rather surprised to see one that can fit into the corner. This space is awake, but fitting a stand into it that is meant for fitting into such a space is innovative and a great way of using it. Put some storage space into the stand, and you have a functional but stylish solution.


After a hectic day at home and in the office, we want to unwind by watching television with the family. This keeps the whole family entertained and gives us the chance to see a lot of entertaining serials and movies. By mounting the TV on sand with various décor elements or ornamental ideas surrounding it, it will look beautiful and modern in its space and, of course, well serve its function as an entertainment unit.

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