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Stunning Modern Homes Designs with Photos

Stunning Modern Homes Designs with Photos

Modern Homes Designs

When I say modern homes, what comes to your mind. Modern homes design was born in response to the overly cluttered and fancy architecture of the late 19th century. Modern home or modern architecture design homes always featured a strong horizontal composition with large open floor plans, intentional asymmetry, and large expanses of glass windows or glass walls. Everyone has a different concept of modern design for home and trust me there is no such thing as Modern homes. It is all just in people’s minds. If you think the concept of modern homes is very much puzzling, it’s a myth. What makes the home modern? There is no single answer for this. There are a variety of designs or concepts that describe modern homes.

According to a few, great architecture, spacious homes with fewer walls, more metal usage, and large windows are considered as modern home designs. If you are someone who loves the concept of modern homes, then go through the below post and consider redesigning the house.

Below are some of the basic design concepts that describe modern homes designs.

  1. Open floor plans. Modern house designs are big on open floor plans.
  2. Steel, concrete and glass.
  3. Progressive.
  4. Connected outdoor spaces.
  5. Flat roofing.

Going Back to the Roots

Modern home designs need not always be very materialistic. Nowadays, the earthy toned and the wooden houses are in trend. Using more wooden panels, wooden materials or earthy toned colours makes the building look more grounded and subtle. By using more nature-inspired materials we can design modern homes.

Less Ornamentation modern homes decor

home-designsModern homes designs can be either interior or exterior. Some like to keep it simple. The less ornamentation in the house the more modern the house looks. Try to keep it as minimal as possible. The actual shape, design and cutting of the house is what makes the house look more modern. Adapt the concept of less is always more. Modern architecture is all about minimalism, so do the modern house designs.

Pay More Attention To Geometry & Art

Clean, Simple Lines, asymmetrical shapes and cubic architecture all blend together to make a perfect modern home. Modern homes designs is marked by its simplicity. Thanks to the clean lines and sprawling windows.

Along with this, modern homes include personality and detail in every corner. Some homes have asymmetrical shapes as well. Depending on the angle and look of the house, modern architecture stands out. Similar to asymmetry, cubism is a distinguishing characteristic of this design movement. Modern homes designs can be anything that is clean, simple and elegant.


Give Some Exposure

Some people like to keep their house raw. Exposed beams, concrete and usage of stones in the houses give your house a grainy industrial look. Use the crisp and clear white paint, to give a more contrasting look, against the polished paint. This is one of the more trending modern home designs that feature in many modern architectural magazines or concepts. Industrial spaces are a gorgeous backdrop for modern interiors. The exposed red pipe, brick wall gives your house the modern home feel.

Huge Glass windows

Modern-Homes-DesignsWhen I mention huge glass windows, I mean it. I cannot get enough of the modern window design. If windows are not designed or placed properly, it can ruin the look of the whole house. Now talking about the role of the windows in contemporary homes or modern homes, always keep the windows large enough. large glass windows with less ornamentation, or the rails in between the windows, makes the house look more classy. A bit of exposure of your house, through the huge windows, is the new modern home design.

Well, now this was all about the exterior that makes the house a modern home. If your home doesn’t feature modern architectural bones, you can still bring in some elements that add to the modern homes. Keep things clean and modern. Now let’s talk about some modern home decor or interior detailing of the house that makes the house look premium.

Low furniture


Low or floor seating makes it feel grounded and down earth. Make sure the furniture or the seating is not designed very high, the low seating makes the place more welcoming and more spacious. If you are planning to redecorate your house, consider the low seating furniture to give a touch of modernity to your house.

Luxury Texture with minimal design

Since there is less room for décor and ornamentation in modern homes designs, each item you add should be functional enough and beautiful. Use the texture wisely. Just the right texture can add royalty to your modern home.

Keep it Bright

When I say bright, no other colour matches more than white. Use more of this colour to the flooring, to the paint and the sheets. The brighter the colour in the house, the more the light reflects inside the house, making the house look clean and bright always. To make it look more special, add some aesthetic pieces of bright furniture or lights. Modern home decor is quite simple.


Fewer walls
The fewer walls in the house, the more spacious the house looks. One of the main design concepts of the modern home is fewer walls in the house. The connectivity without any obstruction from one room to the other room in the house, makes the house look clean and classy. If you are designing a modern home, remember to design a house with fewer walls.

Keep The Ceiling High & Flat

High and flat ceilings are some of the small details of modern home designs. High ceilings give the room enough space for more air and light so that the room appears bigger. A flat roof and ceilings make the house look more chic and classy.

Many think that modern architecture is very difficult. It is quite easy to understand. Modern home designs are not synonymous with contemporary home plans. Modern house plans proudly present modern architectural home designs, as has already been described. Contemporary house plans, on the other hand, typically present a mixture of architecture that’s popular today and was popular yesterday. Modern home design is an extended improvisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are both modern homes and contemporary homes the same?

Ans. No.A modern house is more balanced and structured. Whereas, contemporary houses are less restrictive and incorporate different styles

2. What are some of the needed materials for modern homes?

Ans. Glass, Steel and Concrete

3. How to add a touch of nature in Modern homes?

Ans. Use earthy colours and nature inspired products.



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