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5 Most Expensive Manmade Islands

5 Most Expensive Manmade Islands

Most Expensive Manmade Islands

Islands have long been pictured as heavenly locations far from civilization where people can relax in front of blue waters and sip coconut water as a cool sea breeze cools the human face. The number of islands has increased recently. Don’t think, these islands are natural. These islands are man made. These man made islands are so popular that they do look like heaven. Irrespective of the looks, they are the most luxurious places and they are very expensive. If you are someone who loves luxury, then you do not miss visiting these luxurious man-made islands.

Let’s start with no 5.

The Pearl Qatar

The 400-hectare artificial island of Pearl in Doha, Qatar, is made of reclaimed land. It is among the best man-made islands in the entire world. It is named Pearl because the island is made on the pearl extraction spot. The fact is, they sell the most pearls in the entire Asian continent before the oil and petroleum industry took a toll on the pearl business. Pearl island is also a tribute to its pearl business. Some people imagine the design of the island as a string of pearls. It is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the world. Pearl island is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear the name Qatar. The 31 buildings are designed and constructed Mediterranean style. These are 4700 flats and 450 low-rise apartments. It is an integrated project with commercial space as well. Roughly, the price of one apartment rent in the heart of Qatar is $3927 Dollars. The boulevard is designed according to French and Italian architecture. There are also shops and restaurants all over the islands. Puerto Arabia is one of the world’s busiest places. The island is one of the most happening places and it provides a lavish lifestyle.

The Venetian Islands

The Venetian Islands are a group of man-made islands in Florida’s Biscayne Bay, located in Miami and Miami Beach. The islands are Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island, and Belle Isle, listed in order from west to east. These are the six man made islands in the Atlantic ocean. The connection to these islands and shopping centers is very accessible. This island is also called a tropical paradise. This island is also home to some of the most desirable residences, with string and Alexandria Manganelli-designed houses. It has both contemporary and modern designed residences. Some of the residences have 5 bedrooms and 7 residences, including a private deck, swimming pool and a garage. The cost of the residences on this man-made island is somewhere between $20000 to 5 million dollars. Most of the residences are designed in the open floor concept and beautiful trees around the residences. Most of the homes have a panoramic view of the ocean and these homes are a perfect example of Mediterranean houses that are larger than life. The floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, no walls in between the structures and aesthetic design makes these homes beautiful and elegant.

The Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah is a group of man-made islands in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf. It is a part of a larger group of constructions known as the Palm Islands. which also includes Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira and, if finished, will extend Dubai’s coastline by a combined 520 kilometers. Utilizing land reclamation, the islands were built. Van Oord and Boskalis, two Dutch speciality firms, collaborated to complete the construction. The World was also created by the same corporations. The Pointe, Club Vista Mare, and Nakheel Mall are the most recent additions to Palm Jumeirah. The island is named because it looks like a palm tree. Is designed very similarly to a palm tree, with a trunk, and 16 fronds. It also has crescent islands, with approximately 11 kilometers. The island is larger than an 800-foot ball ground put together. The island embraces the 980-foot bridge and an underwater crescent as well. Palm Sumerian islands are one of the most sought tourist destinations in the world. The island has both commercial and residential developments. It is also mentioned as the 8th wonder of the world. According to the developers, the island has signature homes, themed gardens and lavish residences. It is paradise on Earth.

Amwaj Artificial Islands Bahrain

In the Persian Gulf, northeast of Bahrain, close to the coast of Muharraq island, are a group of artificial islands known as the Amwaj Islands.  They are located on Bahrain Island, 10.5 kilometers (6.5 miles) northeast of the city of Manama. Off the coast of Muharraq Island, an artificial island will be built. The island will then develop into a “city” of opulent condos and villas in various designs. The island has 4 different developments namely, a theme park island, an island with hospitals and educational institutions, residences and offices. It also has shopping malls and many bars, clubs and restaurants and five-star hotels. It also includes cinema and bowling. The residences include skyscrapers buildings, with all the luxury. The amwaj island bride connects to the city which is also the main attraction. There are also several schools, modern hospitals and an international island with is just 8 km away from the island.

Banana Island Nigeria

Off the coast of Ikoyi in Lagos, Nigeria, is a man-made island called Banana Island. The curvature of its shape is where its name comes from. Residential, commercial, and recreational buildings can be found on the island, which is a planned mixed development. Chief Adebayo Adeleke, a late civil engineer (MICE) with training from the University of London and CEO of City Property Development Ltd., came up with the original construction project for Banana Island, Lagoon City. The Lagos State government had taken over the new urban development that Adeleke had initially commissioned in Maroko, Victoria Island. After a protracted 10-year legal battle, the Lagos State government offered additional land parcels as compensation for the Maroko development. The island is artificially designed to resemble a banana. It has excellent connectivity. There are luxury residences and it may cost up to $4000000. Chief Adeleke, a visionary who worked long before the London Docklands Development, London City Airport, Dubai’s Palm Islands, and Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport, planned an aesthetically pleasing design that included a City Airport to complete the Lagoon City concept. There are 536 plots divided into 1000 to 4000 sq Mts. The island has all the luxury elements, 5-star restaurants, hotels, pubs and everything.

The World’s Most Expensive Manmade Islands


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