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MS Dhoni House

MS Dhoni House

Everyone is curious to know about MS Dhoni house. He lived in a three-story bungalow in Harmu Housing, but in 2017, he moved to a beautiful new house ‘Kailashpati‘. The vast property, situated at Ranchi’s Ring Road.

MS Dhoni farmhouse has two main characteristics: a vast open space with everything the former captain likes. Most of the space is covered by well-maintained lawns and different types of trees. From indoor plants to wooden and marble floors, you can also discover Dhoni’s love for the outdoors, even in the interior. The floor is a combination of cream, soft yellow, and grey. This earthy color palette provides the busy sportsman with a relaxed atmosphere.


Dhoni’s House

MS Dhoni house features classic exteriors

The M S Dhoni house is named “Kailashpati”. The farmhouse is his permanent residence and has an immaculate white appearance, but the sloped roof has only black tiles. The house took three years to complete, covers an area of ​​7 acres, and features a gym, park, swimming pool, and even several indoor stadiums for various sports. A large cobblestone driveway and small garden lead to the front door, and a large black wooden door leads to the family house.

M S Dhoni’s posh living room

The interior of the Dhoni Family house is a modern brown interior. The large brown velvet sofa and artificial fur pillows, beige walls, a low coffee table with leather details, and Turkish rugs create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. When the family wants to watch a movie on a large flat-screen TV, the floor-to-ceiling windows let in direct sunlight, and the curtains fall. The flat-screen TV is installed on the wall with beautiful gold carvings. Paintings and modern art decorate the room with little Ziva’s toys, such as brightly colored drawing desks and blackboards.

The other corner of the room is a glossy black dining table and a large imperial mirror with a carved frame. In addition, on one wall of the Dhoni dining area, there is a black cabinet with golden details, crystal trinkets, and fresh flowers.

Do not miss the lush backyard

Given his love for sports, it is no wonder M S Dhoni’s house has plenty of outdoor space. The cricketer’s mansion is surrounded by a vast lawn lined with various trees and shrubs. Space also features a rest area with black cane furniture for relaxing and enjoying the afternoon sun and large vases filled with water.

Thanks to the tall grey boundary wall, M S Dhoni’s house is safe from shutterbugs, making it ideal for a cricket player and his family. A special area of ​​Dhoni’s lawn has also been transformed into his dog training area, which has obstacles and iron rings for dogs to jump.



MS Dhoni house bedroom

When you pass Dhoni’s sunny living room and magnificent dining room, you will find yourself in the cricketer’s bedroom. Like the rest of his farmhouse, the bedroom of M S Dhoni and Sakshi has a modern and charming beauty. The big bed faces the dark brown intricate headboard and rises so high that it barely touches the room’s ceiling. The warm spotlight illuminates the entire space, which seems to be just one of Ziva’s most popular spots.

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