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Much is Spoken About Devanahalli Bengaluru, But We Have These, You Must Not Miss

Much is Spoken About Devanahalli Bengaluru, But We Have These, You Must Not Miss

Devanahalli Bangalore

What comes to mind when I say ” Devanahalli Bangalore”, it’s Kempegowda International Airport right ? not anymore. Once you go through the post, you will get to know all about Devanahalli. In the post below, I have just taken you back to the timeline, which interests many of you, and it is also the birthplace of Tippu Sultan.

About and History

Devanahalli’s history can be dated back to the 15th century. The beginning of Devanahalli’s history can be traced to the 15th century when a family of Conjeevaram (modern-day Kanchipuram) refugees set up a camp at the base of Ramaswami betta. One of the refugees  Rana Baire Gowda dreamt of establishing their community at this place. His  Morasu Wokkalu family made their home in Ahuti, a small community that later became known as Avati. It is believed that his son established chikkaballapura and Doddaballapur. A member of the Morasu Wokkalu family, Kempegowda is also credited with founding Bangalore.

According to history, many rulers like Rashatrakutas, Nolamba, Pallavas, Cholas, and Hoysalas have ruled Devanahalli Bangalore. One of the Vijayanagara empire rulers, With Devaraya’s approval, Malla Baire built the first mud fort at Devanadoddi, formerly known as Devanahalli, in 1501 AD. Then it was taken over by Wodeyars of Mysore, and then it came under the control of Haider Ali and Tippu sultan.

In Devanahalli, Tipu Sultan was born in 1750. The birthplace of Tipu Sultan is just a small pillared enclosed area that is close to the Devanahalli Fort and has a stone tablet identifying it as the location of Tipu Sultan’s birth. Khas Bagh refers to the region surrounding the enclosure. Now, this was all about the history of Devanahalli Bangalore.

Places of Interest

 Devanahalli Fort

The Bangalore International Airport is nearby, and it is located alongside National Highway 7. Its distinctive architecture, which evokes a relic of the past, is what first draws attention to this location. The fort is a fantastic starting point if you want to learn more about Devanahalli’s earlier days.

Venugopala Swamy Temple

One of the best examples of Hoysala architecture is on display in the temple. It was constructed in the 12th century AD, roughly the same period as the Chennakesava Temple.   The stone cladding, which will elicit you, is what distinguishes this location.

Parshwanath Jain Temple

The temple serves as a stronghold for people seeking tranquility. Its architecture is a prime example of artistic mastery and is reminiscent of the Jainism-style temple.   The temple’s walls, which have thorough sculptures of the Hindu gods, are the location’s best feature.

Skandagiri Hills

The Skandagiri Hills, famous for its scenic beauty, is about 37 minutes from Devanahalli Bangalore. The location is a hiker’s perfect destination due to the towering mountain peaks and the scenic surroundings.

 Zampa Vineyards

If you’re a fan of wine, you must visit the Grover Zampa Vineyards. You can review the sparkling beverage and their 4-year-matured red wine on the small tours the location offers. The best way to wrap up your visit is to pick up a bottle of their top-notch wine from their store before leaving the location.

KIA – Kempegowda International Airport

Bangalore, the capital of India’s Karnataka state, is served by Kempegowda International Airport, an international airport. It is situated about 30 kilometers north of the city, close to the suburb of Devanahalli, and spans 4,000 acres. Bengaluru International Airport Limited, a public-private partnership, is its owner and operator. It is one of the cleanest airports as per the traveler’s review.

The above-mentioned places of interest are known to almost everyone. Now we will see what’s more trending and why North Bengaluru, especially in and around Devanahalli is more developing.

These Are More Interesting

Devanahlli has become a destination for many luxury properties. From plotted developments to high-rise apartments, and luxury villas, many properties getting launched have been launched in Devanahalli Bangalore. Devanahalli Road has some of the best infrastructures in the entire city. As a result, traveling to the city on this road is simpler. There are numerous properties included, not just luxury projects. for every type of budget offered here. A six-lane road and a flyover connecting Devanahalli to Bengaluru City that is more than five kilometers long have improved the infrastructure on Devanahalli Road. Without having to deal with much traffic, it takes only an hour to get to Whitefield, which is at the opposite end of the city. When compared to traveling for almost two hours from other areas of Bangalore Additionally, Devanahalli is connected to Yeshwantpur and Bangalore City’s major rail hubs via rail.

The second phase of the metro will include the Namma Metro airport link, which is expected to be the next match because it will connect Devanahalli directly to MG Road,  and silk board

The second phase of the metro will include the Metro airport link, which is expected to be the next match because it will connect Devanahalli directly to MG Road,  and the silk board.

Devanahalli Bangalore, which is close by and provides both a peaceful environment and a variety of homes that meet all their needs, is an option for Bangaloreans searching for a decent work-life balance and an escape from their daily commute because of road traffic.

Both the government and private sectors have given Devanahalli a lot of attention, and significant investments are being made. A large IT park called the BIAL IT Investment Region (ITIR), as well as an aerospace SEZ and a hardware park, are in the works. The combined effect of all these changes will position Devanahalli as a significant employment magnet and serve to distinguish it from the rapidly expanding city.

Purva Tivoli Hills, Brigade orchards, House Of Hiranandani, Sattva Park Cubix, Prestige Park Drive, Godrej Royale Woods, and Brigade Atmosphere are some of the projects in and around Devanahalli Bangalore.

The kempegowda Statue , Unveiled By PM Narendra Modi

On the grounds of the airport, a 23-acre heritage park is where the 108-foot bronze statue is being built. It was constructed as a tribute to Kempegowda’s role in Bengaluru’s expansion and is known as the “Statue of Prosperity.”, at the Kempegowda International Airport, the statue, which weighs 218 tonnes (98 tonnes of bronze and 120 tonnes of steel). There is a four-ton sword on it. Now it is also the pride of Namma Bengaluru.


Devanahalli is one of the developing and most sought destinations for investors and first-time home buyers as it has good infrastructure, proximity to KIA, good connectivity and a calm environment. This was all about Devanahalli and its surroundings. Let me know what interests you about Devanahalli Bangalore.

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