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Pay BBMP Property Tax for 2022-23 is Simplified Here. Easy Guide Inside

Pay BBMP Property Tax for 2022-23 is Simplified Here. Easy Guide Inside

Pay BBMP Property Tax

Numerous people from all over India have come to Bangalore. The majority of people who relocate to the Tech Sector for employment eventually buy their own homes. For those who buy property in the city, the BBMP charges a property tax.

The State Government charges property taxes through a local organization. Even if a piece of real estate is unfilled, the owner is still required to pay taxes on it. The tax helps to support the upkeep of the government’s parks, roads, sewer lines, and other infrastructure.

Payment of the BBMP real estate taxes should be done annually.   The tax year begins in April and lasts through March of the following year. For instance, if you owe property tax for the fiscal year 2022–2023, you must make sure it is paid by June 30, 2022.

Keep these close at hand before you start

A Mobile number for OTP

A copy of your most recent property tax receipt

Details of the changes, such as the new area’s dimensions and the building’s style (if applicable)

Property Tax Payment

Online on the BBMP website, using a credit or debit card, or via internet banking is the most practical way to pay property taxes in Bangalore. Visit for more information. Your Base Application Number or Property Identifiers can be used to retrieve information about your property (PID). You can only pay your BBMP property tax online using your Sas Base Application or PID number if you have already paid the property tax at least once.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to pay BBMP property tax online:

1: Go to to access the BBMP property tax portal.

2: Enter the SAS Application Number or Property Identification Number and press “fetch.” By doing this, all of the property owner’s details are displayed.

3: Click “proceed” if the information on the screen is accurate and doesn’t need to be changed. If you do, you will be directed to complete Form IV.

4: Click the box on the screen and select “proceed” if the property needs to have any changes made to its usage, occupancy, or built-up area. By doing this, Form 5 will be required of you.

5:Verify that the data that has been pre-filled is correct. The next step is to pay the taxes, which can be done online or through a challan, either in full or in installments.

6: If you choose the online payment option, you will be taken to a page where you can choose your payment method—debit card, credit card, or net banking—after which you will be redirected.

7: Following a successful payment, the system will generate a receipt number that can be viewed, printed, or downloaded after 24 hours.

There are some problems with the system, which BBMP must immediately fix in order for taxpayers to complete their tasks quickly and easily.

The “zone” field on the online form will be automatically filled out and frozen, according to pin codes, as the BBMP recently clarified. Six distinct zones, “Zone A” to “Zone F,” with varying rates based on the neighborhood’s level of development, are used to categorize properties. The BBMP has taken these measures to stop misuse of the provision or incorrect zonal classification, which have resulted in tax revenue leakage for the BBMP.

If you leave the portal open for an excessive amount of time, it will time out and return you to the home page, where you must start over from scratch.

Due date and BBMP Property Tax Refund

You will be qualified for a 5% discount if you pay your property tax in one lump sum before the deadline established by the BBMP. On the other hand, if you put off paying your property tax, you will be charged interest at a monthly rate of 2%. If you want to avoid interest, you can also pay your property tax in two installments, but doing so will disqualify you from receiving a refund. You must make sure it is paid by April 30.

How do I obtain my tax receipt from BBMP?

The steps are as follows, and you can get it

1.Visit as the first step.

2.Select “receipt printout” under “downloads” from the menu.

3.The third step is to choose the assessment year and enter the application number.

4.Select “Submit.”

5.The property tax receipt can be downloaded after completion in pdf format.

What Sorts of Properties Are Subject to Bangalore Property Tax?

Bangalore charges a property tax on the following types of property:

Residential properties, whether inhabited by the owner or rented out to tenants

factory structures

office structures

Godowns \Shops \Flats


If you own a property in Bangalore, pay property tax is mandatory. If you have not paid the tax, pay it now.

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