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Is real estate in India a profitable investment in 2020?

During the beginning of 2020, the real estate market in India shown good price

appreciation. At present, the market appears stagnated because of the COVID-19

pandemic. If we look at the current situation, it seems to be a tough year, but

according to real estate experts, it has not affected the prices of properties much.

What has it impacted the maximum is the confidence of buyers. At present, people are

seeking out liquid investments. But this case might not remain longer and because the

financial system will get back to its original track. And, after this, the prices of real

estate properties may also rise rapidly by the end of 2020 and keep on growing in


Although the property prices in the metro towns of India have fallen through four to

five percentage during 2020, it’s miles expected that the market will get better itself

by the end of this year. Well, the present time is the best for serious buyers with

adequate liquidity to go into the real estate phase in India. If you’re looking to buy a

real estate property in India, then you must consider buying rental property in metro

cities like Bangalore.

In the opinion of experts, the real estate investment in the present time desires a

different strategic approach than buying a property for personal use. When you select

real estate as an investment strategy, Purchase property to make income out of it or

resell it at a higher cost. Keeping both the types of interests you can get benefit from

your property. Real estate experts are optimistic about the future of the real estate

industry in India and look forward to brighter days. As land is a scarce useful resource

and population is rising, the essential supply and demand principle dictates that with

higher demand and lesser delivery, assets expenses will rise up.

In my opinion, in case you are making plans to add property to your investment

portfolio, this is the proper time to start visualizing and plan it for a better future. It’s

the proper time to nurture your liquid cash into the most capability investment via

brands that are here to redefine the real estate and make it the maximum promising

investment option in the near future.

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