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Do You Need a Lawyer to Buy a House?

Posted by Balaji on October 30, 2020

Buying a home will probably be the biggest investment in a normal person’s life.

Mostly, people prefer builders and real estate agents to find the perfect home they

want and do the necessary transactions and paperwork for buying the house. It’s often

worth it to spend little money on a real estate lawyer.


It is not that mandatory to have a lawyer while purchasing any type of property, if you

know all the legal aspects of the papers the builder or re-seller, in case of re-sell

property, throws at your doorstep, it’s always wise to engage a lawyer. Real


lawyers know all the legal aspects of the papers and required documents for

purchasing the property.


Reasons to Hire a Real estate Lawyer:

  1. Your lawyer will offer unbiased advice.

When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you may relax assured that you are receiving

unbiased advice. Your lawyer does not have a financial interest in the transaction. His

job is to help you make a knowledgeable decision – whether or not that decision is to

buy the property or not.


  1. Real estate transactions are complicated.

Real estate transactions are complicated. A skilled real estate advocate can be able to

help you recognize all of the terms on your contracts and advise you about the

potential dangers of which you may be unaware.


  1. There may be legal problems with the property.

In addition to the terms of purchase, legal problems may arise then, you’ll need

lawyers’ help. Also, a lawyer can advise about complex problems such as license,

zoning restrictions, and tax provisions.


  1. It may be possible to save the wrong deal.

When real estate negotiations break down, there’ll be a possibility to keep the deal

before the parties go their separate ways. A legal professional who has tremendous

knowledge in real estate transactions will be able to help you consider options to

walking away and, in case you desire, pursue an approach for purchasing your deal

back on track.


  1. Your lawyer can take legal action if necessary.

While most real estate properties close without any major disputes, there may be

some transactions that the parties could probably find themselves in court. If your deal

starts going wrong and you’ve got an advocate concerned in the process, your lawyer

can be capable of fast examine your alternatives and provide to alternative solutions if

necessary can take legal action.


The reason behind hiring a lawyer is simple they are affordable and know legal


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    Sandeep Yelburgi
    Sandeep Yelburgi
    3. March, 2023.
    In the world of real estate trust, credibility and professionalism doesn't exist. Mr Balaji and team are exception to this. They make buying/selling a property so easy. I could able to sell my property with ease. The process is so transparent from day 1 of meeting the buyer to the last day of selling my property. Thanks for service and keep the good work going in a honest way. Bangalore Real estate need more people like you.
    vikram solanki
    vikram solanki
    22. February, 2023.
    Govindraj Was Awesome To Deal With For a Smooth & Transparent Transaction.
    Chaya Rao
    Chaya Rao
    11. February, 2023.
    Excellent experience working with Mr. Balaji Badrinath who was amazing at his job. Made our real estate transaction smooth, convenient, excellent and top-notch. Balaji is an outstanding Realtor who is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, efficient, direct, very responsive and has such a pleasing demeanor, is friendly, very prompt and never loses his composure. He helps trouble shoot timely with favorable solutions. He made my real estate transaction as a NRI easy and provided excellent guidance along the way. Bengaluru/India/this world needs more people like him to make it a better place! Thank you very much, Balaji, for all that you are and all that you do. You are truly an amazing human being and a professional! I am so glad that we found you online and you helped us close the deal on my parents’ house. Thank you! A special mention of Ms. Mala Malathi, Operations Manager, who I had the pleasure of meeting. She was very helpful in putting our paperwork together and helping me with some of the process. Thank you, Mala!
    Rekha Srinivasan
    Rekha Srinivasan
    11. February, 2023.
    I am very happy with the services provided by Mr. Balaji Badrinath, who helped me and my siblings on the the sale of our parents house. He was patient, polite, prompt and professional in all his responses! He was efficient in getting all the necessary paperwork and overall he helped make the sale a smooth transaction. I appreciate his professionalism!
    Sridhar Rao
    Sridhar Rao
    10. February, 2023.
    Balaji Badrinath is hoest, reliable, courteous, reasonable, knowlegeable, professional and a thorough gentleman. It was a blessing to find a realtor like him in Bengaluru to assist us in the sale of a property. I would highly recommend Balaji Badrinath and his folks at Coldwell Banker Value Add Realty for any real estate transaction in Bengaluru and other areas in his jurisdiction. Living in the USA and having near zero knowledge of property transaction process in Bengaluru, Balaji guided us through the process methodically and with clarity, working at our pace with cadence calls, information, professional advice and guidance. Thank you Balaji and the team at Value Add Realty !
    Priyanka S
    Priyanka S
    25. January, 2023.
    These guys helped me buy a bda auction site in a systematic way….. Ms Manasa helped me by guiding me through the payments and all the processes without any glitches and made my experience seamless …. Finally I’m a proud owner of a BDA site …..
    Madhu Sharma
    Madhu Sharma
    7. January, 2023.
    Purchased BDA site recently with help of Coldwell. Team has good knowledge on site purchase process. Special thanks to Sathish, Kiran, Mahesh, Balaji and Manasa for helping at various steps and making site purchase stress-free.
    Mandar Karchodi
    Mandar Karchodi
    23. December, 2022.
    Coldwell Banker is definitely the best in finding an ideal home. They helped me end to end till I got the keys of our home. Mr. Gangadhar Gowda helped us in all the documentation process. Kudos to Mr. Gangadhar & Coldwell Banker !!
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