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Are you TIRED and FRUSTRATED renting and managing your property?

Then you are not alone! You must meet Rahul & Neha!

Rahul and Neha have a beautful 3BHK apartment in Bangalore and they are not living in it anymore, They were quiet excited about leaving their existing property for rent and decided to do everything on their own. Here is what they underwent while doing so..

What They Did ?

  • First they had to repaint the house and keept it clean for the prospective tenants inspection,
  • Then they had to market their house, attend numerous calls, leave everything and be available on demand while scores of tenants visit their place.
  • Validate and Screen Tenants before signing the contract
  • Manage the contract and execute them
  • They had to ensure the Tenant moves on the agreed date happily and recheck if everything is in order
  • Eductae the Tenants on Do’s and Don’ts to upkeep the property
  • Remind and Collect monthly rentals each month and send a receipt
  • Attend to even the smallest of issues arises like Plumbing, Electrical, Equipment issues and arrange for vendors to attend and be available on call to the tenants always
  • Do periodical inspections and maintenance
  • When the tenant decides to Renew, again manage the Documentations and Execute
  • If not, then they had to do a post move out inspection
  • And Guess what…they had to start from point (1)

They Become Stressed!

Rahul and Neha were a frustrated lot and felt they simply could not have managed this even if they were in the next street forget about being away from the city! This is when they contacted Coldwell Banker Value Add Realty! And their 3BHK beautiful apartment is now one of the Coldwell Banker managed properties among hundreds of others!

Delighted that outsourcing this activity comes at a fraction of cost & morefully saved them a ton of their TIME! Rahul and Neha learnt the hard way! Today you dont have to! Reach out to us and we shall assist you with everything and more what this couple tried to do.

How It Works?

Signing the PMS contract

List of Items Check and Inspection

Marketing the Property

Tenant Showings

Screening Tenants

Lease Agreement & Move In

Periodical Inspection & Maintenance (on demand)

Tenant Renewals

Move-Out Inspections and Replacement