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Shahrukh Khan House-7 Interesting Facts

Shahrukh Khan House-7 Interesting Facts

Shahrukh Khan House is a six-storey-high bungalow with numerous bedrooms and living areas, a library, a gymnasium, and a personal auditorium. It is one of the most expensive residences in Mumbai. A large group of Khan fans lined up in front of its gleaming gate, hoping to get a glimpse of the Bollywood king. He often comes to the terrace to take selfies or greet his fans at any time.

Here are some interesting facts about the Mannat SRK house:


History of Shahrukh Khan House

Like Khan’s film, his home history is aptly cinematic. Mannat is a traditional three-storey villa from the 1920s-era, originally known as Villa Vienna. For years Khan had his eyes on the property. Until 2001, king khan was able to purchase it to call his home.

An architecture will make your jaw drop

Exquisite Italian architecture and intricate neoclassical elements, the interior of the Mannat SRK house is a perfect blend of modernity and fashion, adorned with antiques and works of art from all over the world. The skyscraper has two living rooms connected by an elevator and is adorned with valuables such as Ms Hussein’s paintings and antiques. Not only that, the house on one floor has a games room, library, private bar, and children’s entertainment centre.

Luxurious amenities present besides the apparent BHK

This palace-like building has an elegant lounge area for storytelling; there is a kitchen where you can indulge in the world’s finest chefs; there is also a second wing with Megastar, A series of studios and offices for work. SRK and Gauri wanted a table tennis table, a boxing ring, and a luxurious pool area.

The story behind the name ‘Mannat’

When Shah Rukh finally bought his dream villa, Villa Vienna, he was considering naming it Jannat. However, once he bought the house, all his wishes came true, and his career reached a record high. So, he changed his mind and eventually called him Manat.

The number of people that the villa can host

The average size of a rural area is 494 square feet or 103 square feet per person. The area of ​​the city is 504 square feet or 117 square feet per person. According to calculations, Mannat alone can have about 225 residents. Talk about the frustrated homeless people.

The view from the top, Mannat’s expansive terrace

Gauri Khan’s “Happiest Place” in Mannat is a specially designed terrace to protect family privacy while allowing Shah Rukh Khan to greet his fans on special occasions. In the past, Khan decided to go out for a few minutes occasionally, including Eid and her birthday. From time to time, the actor took his youngest child, Abram Khan, to dual celebrations. When Khan does party, they also enjoy giving this space a festive atmosphere.

The real reason why Mannat was purchased

That may be surprising, but Shahrukh wants a dedicated prayer room. Therefore, he wants to build a house on his terms. He also said: “If one day I go bankrupt, I’ll sell everything, but not Mannat.”
We hope these exciting facts about the Mannat Shahrukh Khan House have surprised you as a King Khan’s fan.

Shah Rukh Khan’s House Video Tour


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