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Difference Between Shifting and Renovating House

Difference Between Shifting and Renovating House

Shifting and Renovating House

Are you in a dilemma of whether to shift the house or to renovate the existing house? Not only you, but many of them go through this phase. In the beginning, we like the house to be small and cozy. It feels like the house has everything: a sizable living room and kitchen, an even bigger bedroom, extra space. But as and when the family grows, it feels like there is not enough space left. The minute this thought hits our mind, we get into the dilemma, Should we renovate or shift to a different house?

The post below has all the answers to your dilemma about Shifting and Renovating House

First of all, let me tell you, don’t be in a hurry while taking such decisions. Because both renovating the house and shifting the house needs a lot of your savings. Renovating is kind of cost-effective compared to shifting.

What is the meaning of renovating the house?

shifting-and-renovating-houseThe word renovation refers to the construction industry, renovation refers to the process of improving or modernizing an old, damaged or defective building or to make the space look more presentable.

Shifting is to change one’s home or place of residence.

Let us see what are some of the pros and cons of shifting vs renovating the house. Let’s start with the benefits of renovating the house.

Renovating the house is cost-effective than buying a new house and shifting the house

Evidently – while deciding whether to shift the house or to renovate the house you’ll need to put your dreams aside for a moment and look at cost-effectiveness. Shifting the house empties all your bank balance as i said earlier. Thankfully, a well thought out renovation project will not empty your bank balance. What makes renovating the house more reliable is the fact that you can update your house to your budget and still make the house look new and beautiful.

Customize according to your taste

Buying a new house may be very exciting. In this excitement, you may neglect some small trade-offs. For example, you may love the kitchen, but the living room may not be according to your taste. And if you decide to make any changes, you’ll likely find that the project’s final cost will rival that of your entire house! Conversely, if you decide to renovate your old home, you’ll be able to customize the house according to your taste. Just go ahead. You may need to remove some of the internal structural walls. But if it fits your budget, then go for it.

You will get to live in the same surroundings

If you have been living in the same surroundings of your life, chances are that you know your way around. You’ll get along with your neighbors. You may also know where the best coffee shops, bars, and retail stores are located in your neighborhood. You and your children will not have the stress of leaving your friends behind. Shifting always comes with the stress of a change of job, or workplace, new schools etc. It’s always a good idea to renovate the house rather than shift to the new house and the place.

Cons of renovating the house

If you’re planning on updating a few rooms, that’s fine. But if you wish to renovate the whole house it’s just not worth the investment. Renovating is only cost-effective if there are only a few places to renovate the house. But if you want to change the structure of the whole house, then it’s always a good idea to get a new property and shift the house. Even if your bedroom is the only room that’s being renovated and you don’t mind sleeping on the couch, the daily commotion is bound to eventually get on your nerves and disrupt your sleep. In other words, for the next several weeks (or months), you’ll need to either crash at a friend’s place or find a suitable hotel room. Until your house is renovated, you will need to find a place for your stuff and yourselves.

Benefits of buying a new house or shifting the house of the advantages of moving or shifting the house is that you will get to live in a location and new neighborhood. You can buy a house according to your preferences, a considerably larger or smaller home, you can also choose a new locality and better neighborhood. You could even move to an area with better schools and malls, which is something you don’t get when you renovate your existing house.

You Don’t Have to Deal With The Mess

Even if you have planned to renovate only a few rooms, renovating the house is an invasive thing. A major kitchen renovation could leave you without a place to prepare food for months and this can be very inconvenient. If you have enough money, to buy a new house and shift, then forget about renovating and be stress-free. When it comes to the Shifting and Renovating House debate, you always need to keep in mind the often astronomical costs of furnishing. The newest household designs have everything built-in from the outset – wood flooring and wall panels, spacious and modernly furnished rooms.

Find a proper professional like us (Coldwell Bankers )to find a house according to your budget and taste. It will be much easier to find a perfect house. Just don’t expect your agent to give you an unbiased opinion.

Some of the cons of shifting the house

Buying a new house and shifting of a house may cost you for life. You would think that the money you’ve got from selling your home should be enough to cover all expenses. Imagine spending hours properly packaging your items, moving heavy furniture and taking time to transport all your stuff to the new place only to find out that it hasn’t been properly cleared, or worse still – not ready to be used. Apart from this, there will be a few extra charges, like commission, legal papers fees and whatnot. The bigger your family, the more you’ll have to move around before you decide which possessions should go and which ones should stay. After infinite hours of sorting and packing comes the time for the actual moving of your heavy household articles, TV, and clothing. In other words, things can get pretty stressful and hectic during a move.


Shifting and Renovating House both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Don’t go by others’ opinions. Before deciding, sit with your family and decide. Don’t forget to check your bank balance.

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