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Decoration At Home For Ganpati

Simple decoration at home for ganpati

Decoration At Home For Ganpati

5 Easy DIY Decoration Ideas for Ganpati Festival 2023Devotees lavishly decorate their houses and temples to welcome Lord Ganesha each year. We’ve put up a list of a few DIY decoration ideas for the Ganapathi festival that you can easily use if you haven’t planned anything yet with only a few couples of months remaining. In several regions of India, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is widely observed. Every year the festival is celebrated in the Shravan masa.

Everyone is aware that it is a festival marking the birth of everyone’s darling Lord Ganpati and involves a heartfelt welcome for Ganpati Bappa into our homes. It’s time to decorate our homes for the festival, although many individuals prefer to do so on their own, here are some simple Ganesh decoration ideas to help you make your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations even more memorable.

Use Flowers For Decoration

Use Flowers For DecorationThe easiest and cheapest decorative item you may include in your list is a bouquet. They not only relieve the environment but also add beauty to the aesthetic. You can combine synthetic and fresh flowers while decorating your home for the upcoming Ganapathi festival. Flowers like roses, and marigolds, can be used. Along with flowers use betel leaves or mango leaves to create a backdrop, and trust me this is one of the simplest and prettiest Ganapathi decoration ideas one can use at home.

Use Lights & Diyas For Decoration

Use Lights & Diyas For DecorationWithout the use of lights and diyas, no celebration is complete in India. To illuminate the mandap, if at all possible, utilize diyas, fairy lights, and a few hanging lamps. A few floating candles ought to be available as well. If you’re trying to come up with eco-friendly Ganesha decoration ideas this year, going natural with your lighting is your best chance

Use Indoor Plants For Decoration

Use Indoor Plants For DecorationUse Indoor plants to create an ambience of positivity. Make use of indoor plants and creepers. You can use creepers as a backdrop to get that green background. Place the eco-friendly Ganapati idol and decorate it with banana plantain and some indoor plants, and see the magic.

Create A Mandap With Thermocol and Cardboard

If you want to decorate for the Ganpati festival you can use cardboard to make some appealing and creative designs. You can create a stunning and eye-catching mantap to house the Ganpati murti using the supporting boards. you make it look appealing, make sure you choose bright colors.  You may use thermocol to create unique decorations and then add fairy lights to them.

Use Drapes For Decoration

Use Drapes For DecorationDrapes are an all-time trend. The Ganapathi decoration using the drapes can be done easily. Buy drapes of your favorite color, avoid black, and brown though. You can just hang it behind the Ganapathi mandap as a backdrop or you can design the drapes. The drapes can be paired with fairy lights, flowers and colorful decorating papers.


As we all know Shravana maasa is approaching and it is the season of festivals. There are many decoration ideas, but I have curated 5 easy and simple DIY decorating ideas for the ganpati festival you can use in the coming festival.

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