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Social Media Basics For Realtors

Posted by Balaji on June 18, 2020
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There are more than 2.3 billion smartphone users around the world. The last thing people do before going to bed is to check their phone. Switching off their phone makes them sad, bored, and disconnected. Now tell me if you want any more reasons to convince you to be on social media? If you are, then this video is for you my friend. In this video, I am going to provide you with the basic ingredients and step by step approach to using social media as a sales channel, as a partner. Are you ready?

Before that one rule brother, you need to read until the end because I am going to share some of the secret tricks which I use day in day out so hang around. All right, let us jump in.



First, let us Understand What You Want?

You want more Exposure

You want to tell people Who you are & What you do

And How can you take good care of them

You have been doing all these but in SECRET.

Without doubt, through Social Media, you can reach out to a larger chunk of people by not being a SECRET GUY anymore.

The Foundation of any business is TRUST


Your Objective from Social Media should be

  1. Wanting people to TRUST you
  2. Generate limitless sales pipeline

The 1st Step towards that is to Create Account in all social media from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn to Twitter to TikTok. Yeah even TikTok my friend.

2ndly You start following People whom you already knew like your friends, friends friends, Neighbours, Office mates, RoomMates, relatives, relatives relatives, your vendors, prospects, lost clients, present clients like whomever you knew.

The secret to increasing your network base every day is Within 24 Hours of meeting your prospects or whomever you meet for the first time for that matter – Send a Friend Request and Follow them. This alone will make your network strong.

The big question is What to Post? What to Show these people?

  1. The Real-Me

Right, Show them your family, show your pet, show your hobby, Show your passions, Show where you eat and what you Eat, Like show your character. Show your TRUE SELF. When you Show your TRUE Self, You bring in Authenticity and people become your loyal followers.

Or you can choose to show only the business part of it which would look like you screaming and shouting for people to buy your products or services which is, by the way, going to be boring.

You need to be in their ‘Consideration Set’ and become ‘Referable’

  1. Knowledge

You need to showcase what you know, like sharing the best practices, like say you are a car sales manager, you can talk about the latest model and the problem it solves to its master or maybe you are a software sales professional, show people the value of your product or services and keep talking about your industry related stuff, trending topics, data etc to show that you are a knowledgeable person in your field.

  1. Videos

The social media engines algorithms are changing my friend, we all should have Video first approach in our marketing. Whatever can be video should be videoed, FaceBook has a dedicated video section, Instagram has IGTV, There are millions of videos posted every hour on YouTube, so you can’t ignore it,  You have a powerful tool in your pocket all the time, your smartphone, just start using it wisely. We are not in the movie business to look for perfection, people will love to see you on screen as they would in person.

  1. Social Proof

Social Proof is nothing but proof of success, people bet on winning horses. You need to show them you are the one. Show them your recent closures, brag about your biggest deals, Share client testimonials, Post your recent client acquisition, Show them how they had got benefited by availing your services. Without showing this, you can’t win people’s trust.

  1. Pause-Worthy

Thousands of data get squeezed in the tiny screen space and people keep scrolling and keep scanning, attention span time is very less, maybe nanoseconds. Once in a while, your post has to be pause-worthy, they have to stop, take notice before scrolling down, Your Post is like a Punch on the Face, makes sense right?

Okay guys, Here is my Secret Trick which I promised at the beginning of the article, the tools I use to power up my social media, links given below. Go ahead & Kill it. See you until my next article.

What keeps me going every day in Social Media, Tools which I use, the Link Below: (for quick videos) (for Facebook and Instagram posts) (For Editing Videos like these) (For Outsourcing Bigger Jobs) (Again for Creatives and Thumbnails) (For Thumbnails & Channel Arts) (For Email Campaigns)




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