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Exploring South Facing House Vastu – A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring South Facing House Vastu – A Comprehensive Guide

South Facing House Vastu

The direction of your house is the direction you face as you exit through the front door. Therefore, if you face south while doing so, your home has a south-facing Vastu. The other directions operate similarly.

Vastu shastra is one of the numerous cultural traditions in India, a diverse nation with a rich history. Astronomy, astrology, as well as other fields of science that illustrate how to place the different components of a house are the main focus of ancient architectural theory. However, according to Vastu, all directions have benefits. South-facing locations are typically avoided.

The main goal of Vastu shastra is to optimize the management of the energies in your space. As the east is thought to bring luck and prosperity, the majority of home buyers favor homes that face east. Due to the widespread misconception that Lord Yama, the God of Death, resides in the Dakshina or south direction, south-facing homes are typically regarded as unlucky and frequently receive a bad rap.


Today, we will Learn The Facts And Features Associated With South Facing House Vastu

Vastu does not acknowledge a bad direction. Numerous guidelines and the way they are tried to apply are all important factors. Therefore, if Vastu principles are correctly applied, even a house with a south-facing door can have prosperous and auspicious Vastu for its inhabitants. This blog is therefore specifically for you if you’re thinking about purchasing a south-facing plot. Each direction in vaastu shastra is connected to a specific divinity or component, and when it is correctly aligned, it can have a positive impact on our lives. When these energies are not aligned properly, it causes severe repercussions.

The direction of your house is the direction you face as you exit through the front door. Therefore, if you face south while doing so, your home has a south-facing Vastu. The other directions operate similarly.


Most Common Myths Associated With South Facing House

Most people take every precaution to avoid having a south-facing home in Vastu. But the majority of these only spread because people lack accurate information and professional advice. Therefore, it is essential to consult a Vastu expert before buying any property as they can properly direct you toward ensuring that the property perfectly complies with Vastu shastra.

Some of the common myths include

Poor fortune




Financial losses.

People only think of the negatives, when it comes to the south-facing house. There are some amazing benefits if the house goes well with your zodiac sign


Experts’ Recommendations For The Vastu Benefits of a South-Facing Home

Contrary to popular belief, if the entrance is situated in the three padas, having a house with a southern orientation can be incredibly advantageous for some people.

Business people who offer services to others can opt for a house with a South facing.

Workplaces like industries or mechanic shops or garages can be built in the south-facing direction as it is highly prosperous according to the Vastu shastra

The presence of natural light improves the residents’ moods and greatly reduces their reliance on artificial lighting.

Choosing a property with a south-facing house is an extra perk for areas with colder climates because the sun shines on it for the majority of the day, which naturally warms the house

People working in the health and real estate industries, entertainment industry and administrative services can opt for south-facing homes.

Astrology plays a significant part in a property’s suitability overall.


Important Points Remember, If Your Plot is South Facing( Universal Vastu Rules For South Facing House)

If your home faces south, put the main door in the third or fourth pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat.

Either place the bedroom in the north or east.

Make sure the slope’s plot slopes from south to north, not in the opposite direction

Place the kitchen in the corner of the southeast room, then the northwest.

The pooja room should be in the northeast.

Only place the staircase facing south, west, or southwest.

Make sure the southern walls are taller and thicker than the northern walls.

The septic tank should be placed either in the West or North West

Be careful when choosing colour schemes for the exterior.

Consider using red and orange.

For the main entrance, avoid the southwest corner.

Avoid any underground water storage area, especially on the front side of a plot that faces south.

Make sure there isn’t a cross street or T-intersection in front of a plot that faces south.

A house facing south should not have mirrors placed at random.

Avoid gray and Black color paints as much as possible

  • Makar-Capricorn
  • Kanya- Virgo
  • Vrishabha-Taurus

People with these zodiac signs can prefer south facing houses, by following the guidelines.

Vastu guide for home


If you’ve just chosen a South-facing plot, have courage. To get your Vastu planning underway and infuse your home with uplifting energies, use the special advice from a vastu expert.


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