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A Complete Guide For Staircase Vastu That You Should Know

A Complete Guide For Staircase Vastu That You Should Know

Staircase Vastu

Pay close attention to the staircase direction when building or purchasing a home. The direction of the staircase is crucial in Vastu because it can seriously affect the energy in your home. such as a loungeroom, bedroom, pooja room, or staircase  Vastu Shastra is also essential. Because they connect one floor to another, stairs are significant according to Vastu. The Vastu staircase must be constructed by the recommended guidelines to prevent bad vibrations from entering the home.

Remember that the resident of the property may experience mental, material, and physical losses if the staircase has any kind of Vastu dosh. Therefore, it is preferable to adhere to basic Vastu principles and make our home’s staircase compliant with Vastu. Here are some simple Vastu guidelines for staircases that you must abide by.

The direction of the stairs according to Vastu is influenced by a variety of factors. The construction of the stairs inside or outside your home is also a crucial consideration.


Clockwise or Anti-clockwise staircase? Which is Good?

The general opinion is that stairs should only be taken in a clockwise direction and that going the other way would be unfortunate and undesirable. It’s interesting to note that there aren’t any rules about staircases in the original texts of Vastu Shastra, nor are there any discussions of clockwise or anti-clockwise staircases. Our research shows that a clockwise staircase induces a descending energy vortex in the vicinity. An anticlockwise staircase, on the other hand, spins energy upward in the direction it is facing. These energy vortices that move upward and downward alter the zone’s normal effects.

As you tighten the screw, you turn the screwdriver clockwise and it moves downward, which is an analogy for this idea.


Internal Staircase Design

  • Duplex and triplex houses are in trend nowadays. Most architects or homeowners place the staircase in any corner of the house. Ideally, this should not be done. Below are a few Vastu guidelines, if you are planning to construct a duplex or triplex house.
  • Most people build the interior stairway close to the building or home’s entrance. But in terms of Vastu, it isn’t the ideal direction for the internal staircase.
  • Southwest of the house or structure is the ideal direction for the internal staircase. However, it is also acceptable according to Vastu Shastra to construct the staircase facing the south or west of the structure.
  • According to Vastu, the stairs should always begin in the north and end in the south. However, there is an option staircase direction that starts from the east and heads west.
  • The staircase should never end in a pooja, kitchen or storeroom.


External Staircase Vastu Design

    • The northeast corner of your home or building should never be used to build an exterior staircase.
    • According to Vastu, building a staircase should be done in the southeast or southwest.
    • According to Vastu Shastra, building a staircase right in front of your entrance gate will cause financial losses.


Colors according to Staircase Vastu

Light colors are usually preferred in Vastu shastra for the staircase. It is believed that dark colors will naturally give your staircase a gloomy appearance, which is something you don’t want. It should always be easy to climb up and down the staircase by providing adequate lighting. Therefore whenever painting the steps, opt for light colors. Avoid using dark colors, especially red and black because they give negative energy.

Colors like beige, pink, white, gray, and blue are preferred.

Wooden stairs are considered auspicious for the house. A wooden staircase can unblock positivity and bring financial success to the inhabitants.


Staircase Vastu: Odd or even number of stairs?

  • Staircase Vastu dictates that these structures have an odd number of steps. For a house, these are the lucky numbers. Some experts contend that the number of steps shouldn’t come to zero, which is easily ignored by using odd numbers.
  • This is because the typical person places his right foot first when climbing up a set of stairs. After the flight, the user must land on his right foot. This is only possible if there are an odd number of steps on the staircase.
  • They even recommend that the number of doors and windows in a house should be odd.


Rooms to be Constructed under the Staircase

Small kitchens, bathrooms, or puja rooms are frequently built in tiny homes in the area under the staircase. Sometimes a tiny workstation is constructed underneath the stairwell to maximize the available space. At all costs, you should keep away from this. Experts in Vastu advise only storing everyday household items in the area under the stairs. There shouldn’t be any personal belongings kept in these cabinets, like cash or jewelry. According to Vastu for stairs, this area shouldn’t be used to store unused items or worn-out shoes.


Shape Of The Staircase

According to the Vastu principles, rectangular and square staircases with bends at right angles are thought to be the ideal shapes for both internal and external staircases. professionals constantly advise landowners against installing spiral staircases as it drains a lot of energy while using them. The spiral-shaped staircase may look good, but moving up and down in the spiral staircase seems very difficult as there is less space and it adds a lot of steepness.


Staircase Handrails

The purpose of the handrails, or stair rails as they are more commonly known, is to ensure safety when descending the stairs. Because it will be used for both climbing up and going down, your staircase should be both fashionable and comfortable when you design it. In olden times the railings were made of wood and stones, which was considered auspicious for the home. According to Vastu, house stairs should have rails made of stone or marble. Construction should be done facing southwest. Metal railings are recommended for stairs facing the west, while wooden rails are recommended for stairs facing the south and east.

Nowadays, the stairs are being constructed without the railings called, floating stairs design, which looks nice. But what about safety?



Attracting wealth and happiness is simple, easy and fun. Just build stairs in your home, with proper Vastu guidelines. But don’t forget that, stairs built in the wrong direction can do more bad than good. Staircases built without vastu shastra cause financial loss, conflicts among family members and ill health. Not only stairs, following Vastu guidelines while constructing the house is very important for the overall well-being and the mental peace.


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