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Stunning Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Stunning Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Normal House Front Elevation Designs

The Importance Of Carefully Planning Your Home’s Front Elevation

The term elevation refers to a building’s external area, which is its front, back, and side areas. In real estate, it refers more specifically to the front part of the building. In India, the RERA Act makes it mandatory for residential housing societies to have front elevations.

Why Give Attention To Front House Elevation?

Stunning Normal House Front Elevation DesignsFront house elevation involves bringing in lovely design elements into the front part of the house to make it look better, more striking, and more attractive in appearance. The design elements involved should be such that they show the front exterior of the house in the best way if you were to stand right in the middle of the yard. This part of the home includes the entrance door, front porch, and widows.

Whether it is for a new building or an existing one, elevating the front part of the house involves considerable investment and should be planned accurately. When getting a custom home, it is an important aspect of the overall design discussed with the builder and architect. How your home looks from the outside influences how it is perceived by those living around it and passersby. A properly designed front elevation has the advantage of increasing the value of a home. Many home owners spend money and time getting their front home well designed so that it has a unique, appealing appearance.

Normal Front House Elevation Design

It involves creating the perfect look for your home’s front entrance so that it is quite stunning and aesthetic. However, the design will also look into functionality so that it is one that looks beautiful on the outside but also serves its purpose for people residing inside. There are many factors that can influence it, such as the local climate, the availability of materials, government regulations on construction, lifestyle needs, and budget constraints.

Types Of Front Elevation

  • Elevation of only the front art of the home, which is its façade and includes the entrance door, front porch, and windows
  • Side front elevation, which involved designing the side part of the building and has a link with the front and rear elevations
  • Rear elevation of the house, which involves designing the spaces that lie behind the home, such as the garden and parking
  • Spit elevation, which divides the front part of the home through an imaginary lie that shows it has two parts, In this design, different levels of the home will be linked through short stairs or ramps.

Materials That Can Be Used In Front Elevation

Only the best quality materials should be used in front home elevation, and they should have qualities such as durability, water resistance, and longevity. Here is a look at some such materials that are commonly used:

  • Tiles are available in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Opt for tiles with trendy 2D or 3D colors so that when they are used, light falling on them makes them glow and makes the front elevation look wonderful.
  • Bricks are a low-cost option, come in various colors and styles, and have a rough texture. Usually, they are used along with glass and concrete to get a modern look.
  • Stones give a very natural look and come in colors ranging from grey to sandstone. They have calcium and silicate, which are effective in protecting the home’s exterior walls.
  • Wood: they look classy and are available in many styles. Their beauty reflects nature, and they lend a unique appearance like none other to the front elevation.

Different Types Of Important Front House Election Designs

  • Farmhouse: it is a style in which the front house has a large porch that extends to one side of the house. Other features are gables, dormer windows, and a steep-pitched roof. The design focused on practicality and comfort, and only natural materials were used in the construction.
  • Contemporary: It offers the latest design elements to bring on a trendy appearance. Key features are minimalism, simple lines, a clean look, vertical elongations, and using irregular shapes. A mix of different materials is used when constructing, such as the front house, which has a wood plant and also fibre-cement siding.
  • Ranch: The front house has an asymmetrical design and includes a large porch. The shallow pitched roofs, attached garage, and brick-covered walls are some of its unique features. The house has just one story, is wide with an L or U shape, and can also have a low-pitched roof.
  • Rustic: In the front house, there is a gabled roofline that is held up by simple posts. It is not an ornate style and is quite natural in appearance because wood, stone, and brick are typically used, which can make the front house look a lot bulkier than otherwise.
  • Southern Colonial: The front house has a high-pitched roof, dormer windows, is covered with brick, and has one chimney. A unique feature is the front porch, which spans across the front part with posts supporting it, and it usually has two to three stories.
  • Greek Revival: The front house has shallow-pitched roofs and a front entrance right at the centre of the home, flanked by double-hung windows. Other features are large columns, heavy cornice, and balconies, and the entire look moves away from the typical British style.
  • Victoria: The font house has a lot of woodwork that has a lot of detailing and craftsmanship that goes into it. These can be seen in the window casings, roofline, and other parts of the home. Typical features are gabled roofs, narrow windows, and turned columns, and the exteriors show many color schemes.

How to come up with the best front-home elevation?

Designing the front part of the home involves looking into many aspects such as the architectural themes, color schemes, and materials that can be used. Here  are some tips on how to do this the best way:

  • Look into the many design styles available and opt for one that would complement your home.
  • What is the budget you have set aside for the front home elevation, and what type of material will fit into it?
  • Opt for a distinct design that sets you apart from others on the street.
  • How about a striking, appealing color scheme? It will surely make the font and home elevation wonderful.
  • Though the look is important, functionality and practical considerations are the keys to getting an optimal output in front home design.
  • There must be balance, symmetry throughout the design, with all elements being proportionate and cohesive
  • eco-friendly elements must be includes to make way for sustainability


The appearance of your front elevation is the key to getting the first look into the front part of the home that is facing the street. By looking into different styles and materials in case studies, you can find the perfect design for your home, one that gives the best look and so falls within your budget.

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