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The 5 Most Auspicious Vastu Colors for the Bedroom

The 5 Most Auspicious Vastu Colors for the Bedroom

Vastu Colors for the Bedroom

Vastu Colors for the BedroomSince you wake up and fall asleep in your bedroom, having the correct energy there is crucial to creating a happy atmosphere for the rest of your life. A fast and simple technique to assure pleasant feelings and positive energy in the area is to choose the proper Vastu hues for the bedroom’s décor.

You may choose the ideal shade for your haven with the aid of this quick tutorial on bedroom colors according to Vastu and their effects on your mind! All of the bedroom hues on this list have been deliberately chosen to be vastu-approved.

Lavender Vastu Color For Bedroom

Lavender Vastu Color For BedroomThe color lavender promotes calm and peaceful sleep. One of the top Vastu colors for bedrooms in 2023 is a space with pinkish-lavender tones. A bedroom painted in lavender creates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Without drawing too much attention, this vastu bedroom color gives the space a delicate touch. The lavender hue also complements white, beige, and other neutral tones wonderfully well.

Green is a bedroom Vastu color.

Green is a bedroom Vastu color

Green is one of the Vastu colors for bedrooms that represents healing, easing, and alleviation. The elderly or those with poorer immune systems are not allowed in this chamber to get treatment. Instead of painting the walls green, you may decorate them with green accessories like plants.


Yellow Color Vastu BedroomThe bedroom color should be yellow. In line with Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, the color yellow is great for bedroom rooms because it represents happiness, intelligence, and wit. It transforms a compact space into one that is welcoming and expansive. What do you think of the sound of adding an accent wall decorated with flowery wallpaper? An accent wall with trailing floral wallpaper in this shade also goes a long way in adding a mellow glow to your space.


Pink Color Vastu BedroomPink Is A Good Bedroom Color According To Vastu

Pink comes to mind when we talk of love, joy, and togetherness. Why not make your bedroom embody all these traits by having pink walls? By putting rose-gold-coloured objects—vases, knobs, etc.—in your home, you may also introduce pink tones. However, if you or your partner aren’t keen on pink walls, you can incorporate the shade through a few small decor elements. Rose-gold metallic pieces such as knobs, vases or side tables are great ways to add hints of pink to your room.


Orange Color Vastu BedroomOrange as a bedroom color

The southern wall of the bedroom should be painted orange for those who have ambitions. Orange represents prosperity, health, and self-worth. People who struggle with rage should stay away from this shade.

Vastu Colors As Per Direction of Bedroom

Vastu Colors As Per Direction of BedroomSouth-facing bedrooms should be painted in colors that are either orange or red according to Vastu principles. The south of the bedroom is governed by the planet Mars.

North-facing bedroom: Because Mercury is the planet that rules over bedrooms, it is advised to paint them in bright colors like light blue, mint green, light brown, and white. The planet Mercury is the source of prosperity and expansion. As a result, most individuals like homes that face north.

Paint colors for bedrooms with a northeast orientation: The water element, which rules this direction, suggests pale blue and silver as Vastu colors for bedrooms.

Paint colors for bedrooms with a northeast orientation: The water element, which rules this direction, suggests pale blue and silver as Vastu colors for bedrooms.

East-facing Vastu color for bedroom: Because the sun rises in the east, this direction is preferable over north-facing. Red, orange, brown, and green were chosen for the walls of a bedroom that faces east.

Paint your bedroom in soft orange and red tones to encourage love and warmth between lovers, according to Vastu for the southeast direction.

Southwest bedroom paint colors: Golden, off-white, or pale yellow are appropriate choices for bedrooms in the southwest.

West-facing bedroom vastu colors: Grey, white, golden, or silver hues are appropriate colors, according to Vastu, for bedrooms that face west. Given that Saturn (Shani) rules the west and that these bedrooms are in that direction, it is important to choose the color colors carefully. It is strongly advised to use the aforementioned hues to keep negative energy out of the bedroom.

Northwest-facing bedroom: If your bedroom faces that way, you should use colors like silver, golden, or white.


You must be aware of the significance of bedroom color according to Vastu and how it affects your way of life, relationships, and economics. Make sure to exercise caution while selecting the proper color scheme for your bedroom, as it has a direct impact on the family’s general well-being. The color of the bedroom highlights the aesthetic appeal of the interior design and encourages harmony, good vibes, wealth, good health, and a quiet existence.

Depending on the décor of the bedroom, you may pick only one hue or shade to paint your wall, or you may go for the modern trend of using many color combinations. We hope the information, advice, and suggestions above on selecting the ideal hue for your bedroom have been helpful.

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