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The Benefits of a small Apartments

The Benefits of a small Apartments

Due to the rapid growth of population and space constraints in urban India, ‘small

apartments’ are gaining popularity. Homebuyers are opting for homes that are smaller

in size but well within their budget due to increasing rents and maintenance being

more costly over time. Small apartments are compact, cost-effective, and easy-to-


Factors that have boosted the demand for small single bedroom apartments:


The property’s location

As the population of metro cities grows, so does the related development of civic and

social infrastructure. “However, a majority of people tend to live in the city Centre for a

variety of reasons, including accessibility, familiar surroundings, connections to social

and cultural amenities, proximity to work and schools, and so on. Families tend to

invest in single-bedroom flats because the cost is a major consideration in such areas.

Smaller unit sizes necessitate better space management, which is favored by today’s

families, and their maintenance charges also less.


The rise of nuclear families

Nowadays, nuclear families are common. Since the size of such families is smaller than

that of a joint family, the space requirement is less. “Today’s traditional nuclear family

has a different lifestyle, and their home-buying decisions have changed over time. In

addition to the size and price of the house, parents understand the needs and

requirements of their children. Besides nuclear families, working singles, or old retired

couples, are potential buyers for 1 bedroom apartments.


Availability of amenities

Modern buyers also look for amenities such as a clubhouse, jogging tracks, swimming

pools, children’s play area, etc., which appeal to their aspirations and needs. In this

context, single bedrooms provide for the maximum utilization of available space,

design, and comfort. “Clients want high-quality small units, without any compromise

on amenities and hence, look for flats with all lifestyle-centric services and good

connectivity. Even for high-end home investors, these small flats have an appeal, due

to their location, economic feasibility, and comfort.


Scope of resale

Small apartments are easy to sell due to constant demand. Moreover, apartments

come with several facilities as well as security provisions.


Enough Space for Everything

You may think that single-bedroom apartments won’t have enough space for your

belongings at first. But, on the bright side, Take just what you need, and discard

everything you haven’t used in a long time. You’ll have fewer belongings, less mess,

and easier cleaning if you live a modest life. After some time, you’ll get the hang of

living with the essentials in a smaller space.

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