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The Different Units of Land Measurement Explained

The Different Units of Land Measurement Explained

Land Measurement

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In India, a variety of regional land measuring units are used to calculate land area. Despite the widespread usage of conventional land measuring units, certain nations, like India, also utilize more widely accepted standards that have been in use for a while. In addition to the internationally recognised standards, we examine the common land measuring units used in various areas of India on this page.

In India, when you travel north, you will encounter groups like Bigha, Marla, etc., and as you flip to the south, you will hear groups like Cent, Guntha, Ground, etc. Sizes vary from state to state according to various names for units. Only a few units are widely used across India, including square meters, hectares, square feet, square yards, and acres.

The portion of the property that is offered for sale is known as the plot. A limited portion of the space, not the entire thing, is reserved for buying and selling. The land area larger than 2400 square feet is referred to as the ground. Plots and layouts are used to categorize and divide the terrain. Both square feet and ground are used to define these layouts.

Indian Conversion Rates For Common Land Measuring Units

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Here are a few of the measuring units that are commonly used in India’s many states. The breakdown of area units and their conversion may be found below.

144 square inches equals one square foot.

The area of one square centimeter equals 0.00107639 square feet.

The area of one square inch is 0.0069444 square feet.

247.1 acres make up one square kilometer.

10.76391042 square feet are equivalent to one square meter.

640 acres and 259 hectares make up one square mile.

9 square feet make up one square yard.

4840 square yards make up one acre, which is also known as 100.04 cents. It is one of the most often used units for measuring land in the majority of Indian states.

One hectare may be translated to 2.49 acres and is equivalent to 10,000 square meters. It represents a rough conversion of acres.

Which Unit Of Land Is Used To Measure Agricultural Lands?

The Different Units of Land Measurement ExplainedHectares are often used to measure agricultural areas. The square area is equal to one hectare. The square’s agricultural grounds take up 100 meters on one side. Gingham, Bigha, and other settlements measure some of the agricultural land measuring units. Since 1795, hectares have been used to measure agricultural fields. The International System of Units, which is extensively used in rural regions, acknowledges the unit hectare as having universal acceptance. Acres, square miles, square kilometers, and other common units are also used to measure agricultural areas. The rules for measuring squares are as follows: 

The standard units of measurement used in India are listed below.

Square Feet

The Different Units of Land Measurement ExplainedOne of the most frequently used measurement units throughout is the square foot. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act of 2016 in India makes square feet the norm for purchasing or selling real estate.

Indian condominiums, housing, residential plots, commercial lands etc. are all measured in square feet. Since square feet are so often used, it makes sense to measure a property in this way. As a result, the square foot unit is quite important, particularly in residential homes. Other units for measuring land include the square yard, square meter, acre, and hectare.

You must multiply the specific area’s length and width to determine its square footage. In general, this aids in determining the size of the land.

For example, if the dimension of the plot is 30 sq Ft * 40 Sq Ft total area of the land is 1200 sq Ft.


We all would have heard the popular lad measurement unit acre. The acre is one of the oldest units of measurement. Acre is usually used to measure a large area of land. The origins of the acre as a unit may be traced to early 19th-century Great Britain, where it was regarded as a standard measure. The term acre

was adopted as the unit of land measurement, ever since British rule. The formula for converting acres to square feet is 1 acre equals 43560 square feet.

Square Meter

The measurement of the surface of the ground and land using square meters is also accepted by most. Another important unit of measurement that is frequently used for big properties is the square meter. One square meter equals 10.76 square feet when converting between square meters and square feet.

Square Yard

Square YardAuthorities in India often employ a square yard to determine the area’s standard rates. In general residential properties are measured in square yards.

One of the often-used units for measuring land is the square yard. After square feet, it is the second-most prominent unit in India.

1 sq Yard is equal to 9 sq feet

The above-mentioned land measurement is some of the most popularly used land measurements. Other than the above-mentioned units, there are a few locally used land measuring units regionally.

Below are a few locally used or local terms that are used for land measurement across India.

East India uses many types of land measurements.

In the eastern states of India, these units are frequently used to measure land.

  • Dhur: Depending on the particular state, dhur refers to varied sizes and is used in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Tripura. In Tripura, it merely refers to 3.6 square feet, but in Bihar, it represents about 68 square feet.
  • Kattha: This term, which is also used in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh, signifies a range of values from 600 to 2,800 square feet.
  • Chatka -One chatak is 180 square feet in West Bengal.
  • Lecha: A lecha in Assam is 144 square feet.

Metric systems for measuring land in India’s Northern region

  • Gaj: A gaj, which equals 9 square feet, is the Indian term for a square yard.
  • Bigha : It is used in most of the north Indian states Bigha: This is the most extensively used measuring unit. Be aware that each state has a different bigha unit size. An acre of land typically requires 4-6 bighas of land.
  • Biswa: This unit is also utilized in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab. One biswa might range in size from 50 to 150 square yards depending on the state.
  • Killa, Kanal,ghumoa, Sarsahi,Marla are the few other metric systems used in north India.

As India is a diverse country, many metric systems are used in the south of India like the north and northeast parts. 

South India uses several land-measuring units

  • Ankanam: This is equal to 72 square feet, often seen in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  • Guntha: In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, the term “guntha” refers to a space of 1,089 square feet.
  • Kuncham: A kuncham, which is used in Andhra Pradesh, is equivalent to 484 square yards.
  • Ground: In Tamil Nadu, the term “ground” is used to measure land and equals 2,400 square feet.
  • A cent is equivalent to 435.6 square feet as used in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.


In a large nation like India, different regions have different types of landscapes. While consumers are sometimes confused by the local measures used in land acquisitions, mostly known measurement units are employed in both the selling and buying of immovable properties( plots, lands and buildings) across India’s major marketplaces. The above post gives a brief understanding of the land measurement used in India.

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