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The Ultimate House Keeping Checklist: Tips and Tricks for a Clean Home

The Ultimate House Keeping Checklist: Tips and Tricks for a Clean Home

House Keeping Checklist

The Ultimate House Keeping Checklist Tips and Tricks for a Clean HomeAll of us have had this feeling, the walls are collecting dust, your oven has built up base, and, to be honest, you can’t even recall the last time you cleaned your fan and AC cabinets. Although deep cleaning is something we should all undertake, there are sometimes too many things to accomplish before we even know where to begin. To help you complete the task without becoming overburdened, we’re adopting one of the most tried-and-true techniques that help in keeping your home spotless.

If we spend 20 minutes a day cleaning the required portion, the house will be clean, say the experts.

How Often Should You Completely Clean Your Home?

How Often Should You Completely Clean Your HomeThis question’s response is dependent on a variety of variables. How often you should thoroughly clean your house depends on various factors. Your best bet is usually once a month, but use your best freedom of choice. If all else fails, walkabout barefoot for an hour and run your finger over the main surfaces in your home to check for dust. It’s probably time for a comprehensive clean if your feet’s soles are grubby and your fingertips are covered in dust. A deep cleaning may be done once a month, but there are a few daily house cleaning checklists you should follow for a clean and tidy home.

Checklist for daily cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning List

Kitchen Cabinets CleaningCabinets

Use a microfiber or clean cloth soaked in a mixture of lukewarm water and a light dish detergent to wipe the surface from top to bottom. To get rid of grease spatter and fingerprints, squeeze off any extra liquid and wipe the surface against the grain.

Kitchen Stove CleaningStove

Grates and burners should be removed and put in the kitchen sink. Use a moist sponge and a pea-sized dollop of dish soap with grease-cutting properties to scrape away dirt and spills. To get rid of any soap residue, rinse the sponge well and repeat. To remove the watermarks, use a microfiber cloth or a kitchen towel.

Kitchen Countertops CleaningCountertops

Spills and stains may be removed with a sponge and all-purpose cleaner, then polished with a fresh cloth. Try using club soda to polish your countertops if they have truly lost their lustre.

Kitchen Sink CleaningSink

Scrub the sink using a non-abrasive sponge, baking soda and water. Use hot water to rinse the sponge and sink. Clean off the tap.

Kitchen Floor CleaningFloor

Start by sweeping or vacuuming any loose debris or food, regardless of the type of flooring you have. To make them shine, follow with a mop and soapy water. Before cleaning, always study the finest cleaning techniques for your particular type of floors.

Living Room Cleaning List

Living Room CleaningStart by dusting the space.

Start by thoroughly dusting everything, follow that with the trinkets, and finish by thoroughly cleaning your upholstery.

Clean upholstery

Grab a portable canister vacuum that has an upholstery attachment for your upholstery. To find one, go online or visit your neighborhood supermarket. Most canister vacuums come with one. Every cushion on a piece of furniture should be taken out and thoroughly vacuumed. Replace the cushions, fluff the pillows, and fold any blankets after vacuuming the furniture’s back and sides and below each cushion.


Vacuum or sweep the floor and finish off with mopping.

Bedroom Cleaning list

bedroom cleaning servicesOrganize your bed.

Wash the bedclothes, pillow covers, and blankets after making the bed. Before vacuuming under the bed, flip the mattress over.


Your closet’s floor should be cleared of any items. Don’t overlook the cobwebs while you clean or hoover the closet. Then arrange things once more in a tidy manner.


Switch plates, ceiling fans, fixtures, and shelves should all be dusted and cleaned.


Dust the frames and clean the windows and mirrors. The blinds and curtains should each be cleaned.

Floor sweep or vacuum, then move or use a vacuum cleaner extension to reach below furniture.

Bathroom Cleaning list

bathroom cleaning servicesMirror

To remove any residue from soap, toothpaste, and other products, use a cloth and warm water. Dust the frame and clean the mirror with glass cleaner.


Apply cleanser by spraying, scrubbing with a cloth, and then rinsing with hot water. Use a soft brush to clean the borders of the caulk and the drain area. Rinse once more under hot water.


To clean the toilet bowl’s inside and exterior as well as the tank’s cover, use a bathroom cleaner. Clean the outside as well as the seat and seat lid. A toilet brush can be used to scrub the interior of the bowl.


Eliminate the waste. Replace the liner after cleaning the trash can with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down.

Fixtures and Faucets

Apply all-purpose cleanser to fixtures and scrub tight spaces like between tap handles with a moist cloth after spraying. Warm water should be used to rinse, dry, and buff the surface.

Here are some tried and tested tips from pros

Here are some tried and tested tips from prosIt’s important to perform routine minor maintenance between extensive cleans.

When it comes to keeping a clean home, dusting is your greatest friend. Consider dedicating one day each week to dusting one of your home’s rooms (be sure to go from ceiling to floor).

Removing your shoes at the entrance does help keep the floors clean for a longer period.

Always keep in mind that a clean house is a tidy one. Establish a place for your belongings and always put them away; you’ll appreciate it later.


Consider turning on some fantastic, upbeat music before you start moving from room to room. Better still. Pick up the junk now, and feel free to question your possessions as you go. Adopting minimalism helps to keep the house clean and tidy. Along with that,  daily 30 minutes of cleaning will do the job.

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