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Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Houses

Posted by prem kumar on August 29, 2022

Best Indoor Plants for Houses/Apartments

 Are you seeking a change inside your home? Plants are a great way to bring life and a sense of freshness to your surroundings. In addition to enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal, plants can help clean the air and offer a serene touch to an urban dwelling. However, it’s crucial to remember that plants are a part of nature and therefore require organic materials and some care to thrive indoors. Additionally, they are effective at cleaning the air in your room. You may choose to settle on filling the small spaces with small potted plants, or you could decide to fill the vacant corners with enormous and magnificent-looking plants. They are ideal for bringing some greenery inside.

List of Indoor Plants for House

Peace Lily

A very well-liked house plant and one of the greatest indoor plants for cleaning the air is the peace lily. With lovely white flowers, this plant has dark, glossy, green foliage. Typically reaching a height of 65 centimeters, they thrive in direct and strong sunshine. Although they are the greatest indoor plants for low light, this may have an impact on how they bloom. Once per week in the summer and less frequently in the winter is how often you should water the peace lily. The best course of action is to keep the soil dry before watering because they are prone to root rotting and detest soggy or wet soil. As they are dangerous and may result in serious discomfort if consumed, ensure your pets and kids do not nibble them.

Areca Palm

Ideal for Indian households is this toxin-filtering plant. A luxuriant shrub is created by the thin, vivid green fronds, and because of its durability, it requires little maintenance. The height of an areca palm can reach 7 feet indoors and considerably higher outside. Put the pot in a location with indirect sunlight and select the size of the pot based on how tall you want the plants to grow. Areca palms can brighten almost every nook or cranny in your house while also reducing carbon monoxide and pollutants frequently found in paints and fuels.

Anthurium Andraeanum

They have long, leathery leaves and are native to Columbia. They are dark green. They produce flowers with a heart shape in red, pink, and white that can endure for several weeks. The blooms are bracts that resemble leaves and surround a cylindrical spike. The soil must be kept uniformly moist during the summer and dry during the winter for them to bloom. They also need direct sunlight. In the summer, you might fertilize them every two weeks with a high-phosphorus liquid fertilizer.


Maidenhair Fern

It’s a lovely addition to your house. Their smooth, glossy stems have feathery, light green leaves. They would be perfect as a hanging plant. Since they are such delicate plants, neither too much nor too little light is necessary. They should be grown successfully in a warm environment with little humidity. You may fabricate a rainforest environment in your home.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants do best indoors, where their hefty, gel-filled fronds flourish. Overall, it’s an excellent home plant because it looks fantastic, the gel may be used for health and aesthetic purposes, and it requires little upkeep. Only when the soil is dry will the succulent require any water, and that will only be in a sunny window. Aloe vera, well known for its aesthetic and Ayurvedic virtues, removes toxins from paints, cleaning supplies, and wood.

Money Plant

The money plant is a popular indoor plant in Indian houses because of the numerous legends that surround it, according to which it brings wealth and luck. Money plants can thrive in any type of harsh climate and can adapt skillfully to unexpected temperature changes. They are also quite impossible to kill. Their leaves, which have a heart shape, are lovely to look at, and the vines themselves can go quite long. Due to the vines’ cascading nature, people frequently hang them up on windows and doorways. They look amazing decorating empty walls and spaces.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is an excellent houseplant since it’s so simple to maintain, with straight, almost sword-like leaves emerging from its base. The leaves still have a slight fresh green and yellow tint to them and require little sunlight and water. Taking in chemicals from personal care products while also releasing oxygen makes it a fantastic carbon dioxide and chemical absorber. Any space, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and everything in between, can benefit from the Snake Plant’s incredible adaptability.

Baby Toes

This plant is a member of the succulent genus. They are known as “baby toes” because of their diminutive size and similarity to a newborn’s little toes. They have a highly unique appearance, which makes them a great appeal. They require a well-drained environment and grow nicely in indirect sunlight. These plants look best on tables, although they may be positioned in any room of the house.

Rubber Plant

Alternatively called Rubber Fig, they have glossy, burgundy and dark green foliage and are a popular choice for indoor plants. You can either urge them to develop into sizable houseplants or allow them to remain tiny in a small pot. They need indirect, strong light, weekly watering in the summer and monthly watering in the winter, and are a sturdy alternative that can withstand extreme temperatures.



These perennials that develop rosette-like growths are easy-to-care-for houseplants. They flourish in shallow pots when planted inside, and they require medium to bright light to survive. Wintertime is a good time to water them less. The middle cup can be filled once a week to provide them with water during the heat. Keep it regularly flushed to avoid stagnation. Because they don’t have big appetites, you only need to apply a slow-release fertilizer once a season.


Finding an empty spot to put your indoor plants in is a fairly simple way to choose, use, and incorporate them into your interior design. Remember that plants need some natural light and that you can’t completely leave them to fend for themselves for extended periods. They will repay you with clean air, an eye-catching appearance, and good vibes if you take good care of them, water them frequently, allow them time in the sun, and are gentle when repotting or washing down their leaves.

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