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Top 10 luxurious Apartment Projects in Bangalore

Top 11 Luxury Apartment Projects in Bangalore 2022

Best Luxury Apartment Projects in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its historical tourist attractions, technology, and, most

importantly, its food. However, if you are looking for a luxurious place to live in

Bangalore, South Bangalore is an area that consists of many luxurious residential

projects. Here are my top 11 pick of luxurious residential projects located in South

Bangalore. Read until the end to discover some of the fabulous projects and you can

download each of these project’s detailed information by leaving your contact

information by submitting our contact form. Without further delay let us begin our


We have also listed the luxury apartments for sale in Bangalore along with each project.

At No 11. Enessen Estates and Prime One Corp Centreo

bangalore-real-estate-agentsThe new apartment complex being built by Enessen Estates and Prime One Corp in Bangalore’s Kanakapura Road neighborhood is called Centreo. The best of Enessen Estates & Prime One Corp’s luxury living offerings may be found in the residential neighborhood of Centreo. The development has expansive apartments, balconies, and opulent furnishings. Exquisite and well-engineered floor designs that are packed with facilities and have enough space to ensure that you enjoy good living are available in the homes and apartments at Enessen Estates and Prime One Corp. in Centreo. Enessen Estates and Prime One Corp’s Centreo are surrounded by lovely landscapes and open spaces, which add to their special and elite nature. With stunning architecture and a comparable lifestyle to Centreo, the builder is committed to providing a superb living environment to the Kanakapura Road neighbourhood. Enessen Estates and Prime One Corp.’s location in the centre of Kanakapura Road has excellent metro access to many metro stations. The project is about to complete and handed over to the customers in te first quarter of 2023.

At No.10 is Maratt Pimento

Maratt-PimentoProbably one of the most expensive residential project in this neighborhood, Maratt

Pimento is one of the top luxury apartments in bangalore and a residential complex which aims to focus on one thing predominantly,

luxury. Constructed by Maratt Pvt. Ltd, this project consists of 4 BHK super luxurious

apartments with great facilities and an amazing view of the city. The project’s units are

based on an area of around 4380 sq. ft. Possession of residential units has been

allowed from October 2016. The project is located along Bannerghatta Main Road,

which is known to be the ever growing areas in the city. The apartments are built in

such a premium fashion that even the steep price of the residential units of this project

seem less. The price of the units starts at 4.75 Crore. 

Exclusive Listing-Maratt Pimento


At No.9 is The Magic Faraway Tree

The-Magic-Faraway-TreeDo not confuse the name of this project with the famous novel. The Magic Faraway

Tree is another luxurious project located along Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. The

developers of this project are Total Environment, who aim to set the bar of a luxurious

lifestyle quite high and they have somewhat managed to do so. The project’s units are

based on an area of around 3554 to 5407 sq. ft. It is ideally located to the entry and

exit of the NICE road which is a true blessing for someone to avoid the notorious

Bangalore’s traffic. Possession of residential units has been allowed from January 2018.

The prices of the residential units of this project start from 3.15 Crore INR. 

Exclusive Listing-Magic Faraway Tree


At No.8 is Learning to Fly

Learning-to-FlyLearning to Fly is another addition to this list. This is another luxurious residential

project of Total Environment. The project consists of residential units of 3 and 4 BHK

which are built on a 4 Acre land parcel just off the 100ft ring road of JP Nagar. The

project’s units are based on an area of around 3103 to 5249 sq. ft. This is an ongoing

project and the possession of the units will be made available in a year or so from now.

The Project is located along with JP Nagar Phase 6, which is a great location due to the

fact that it’s quite convenient. The apartments are quite spacious, and the balconies of

all Total Environment projects are breathtaking ones. The prices of these residential

units start 3.5 Crore INR. 

Exclusive Listing-Learning to Fly


At No.7 is Tata Promont

Forest-BreezeThe Promont is one of Bengaluru’s most coveted ‘Hill Residences’, comprising 312

uniquely crafted apartments and penthouses across 4 towers located along

Hosakerehalli, Banashankari. With a terraced hill residences concept, this project was

constructed by Tata Housing Development Co Ltd, and it reached completion recently.

The project offers 3 and 4 BHK luxurious, well-built and well-facilitated residential

units. The project’s units are based on an area of around 2376 to 3205 sq. ft.

Possession of residential units has been allowed and the prices of residential units in

this project start at 2.14 Crore, which is considerably low, considering the number of


Exclusive Listing-Tata Promont

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 At No.6 is Forest Breeze

Forest-BreezeAnother entry on this list is Forest Breeze, which is a well-designed, well-facilitated

residential project located along with Dollars Colony, JP Nagar, and Bangalore. The

units are facing the beautiful green arekere forest patch which is the highlight. The

project’s units are based on an area of around 2763 to 4128 sq. ft. Possession of

residential units has been allowed recently. This project consists of 3 and 4 BHK

apartments. This is a residential project of Artisan Projects LLP. Forest Breeze provides

all the required amenities along with some luxurious facilities as well. This project has

a dedicated business center, Gold class theater, Private lounge along with Five star

guest rooms and children’s crèche. The prices of the residential units start at 3.29

Crore INR.

Exclusive Listing-Artisane Forest Breeze



PRAMUK-MM-MERIDEANBuilt on a 3 Acre Prime Land Off KR Road, this project offers 25 floors of spacious 3

bedroom luxury apartments as well as 4-bedroom duplexes with the size and feel of a

villa that make stylish and safer alternatives to owning an independent home. Projects

unit sizes ranges from 2236 Sqft for 3BHK’s and 3518 Sqft for 4BHK duplexes. Each

residential unit is Vaastu compliant and detached from the common area by virtue of

extending out from a central core – offering residents maximum privacy, a sense of

spaciousness and a great view all around.

A full range of facilities are available for leisure pursuits, including two swimming pools,

a well-equipped gymnasium, a modern clubhouse and a roof-top garden themed party

area. The prices of the residential units start at 2.50 Crores. This is a Ready to Move In

Project which along with its Price ranges makes an exciting project to watch out for.


At No.4 is Svasa Homes

Svasa-HomesWith Ramakrishna Math right next door, the lush, tranquil and untainted views of the

ashram is the highlight of this Project. Svasa Homes is a condominium complex located

in Basavanagudi, the most posh and heritage part of Bangalore. Basavanagudi is

known for its historic temples and eateries. It is developed by the Machani Group

which has a rich heritage of nearly 80 years, and respected among India’s most

revered family businesses. This project’s units are based on an area of around 3500

sq. ft. Possession of residential units has been allowed and many families have already

moved in. The project is located quite conveniently near many retail outlets & city

attractions. The project consists of 3 & 4BHK including duplexe residential units that

are well built and well facilitated. The price of this project starts at 5.11 Crore. Svasa

Homes is designed to inspire your reunion with heritage and its deepest implications.

Exclusive Listing-Svasa Homes Bangalore


At No.3 is Concorde Luxepolis

Concorde-Luxepolis-flatsConcorde Luxepolis is another amazing luxurious housing project located along Bull

Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. The project will have 3 and 4 BHK apartments.

The project’s units are based on an area of around 2355 to 3245 sq. ft. Possession of

residential units will be allowed from December 2023. It is quite strategically located

near many amenities like retail shops, health centers, and restaurants. As we

mentioned before, this area is known for its temples and eateries, which is the reason

why the environment around the project is quite lively. This project is under

development and is being developed by Concorde Group. The project aims to offer a

luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price tag. The price of the residential units starts at

2.94 Crore INR.

Exclusive Listing-Concorde Luxepolis


At No.2 is Peninsula Heights

peninsula_heights-j_p_nagarPeninsula Heights is another great residential project which consists of 3, 4, and 5 BHK

apartments. This residential is a project of Peninsula Land Ltd. It is located in JP Nagar

2nd Phase, Bangalore. The project’s units are based on an area of around 3240 to

6800 sq.ft. Possession of residential units has been allowed from March 2018. The

project is also located in an extremely posh and convenient location. Many malls and

retail outlets are quite close to the project. Moreover, there are many quality

restaurants, health centers, and high street in the projects nearby vicinity. The prices

of residential units in this project start from 3.3 Crore INR. 

Exclusive Listing-Peninsula Heights


At No.1 is Sobha Clovelly

Sobha-ClovellySobha Clovelly is a luxury residential complex consisting of 3 BHK and 4 BHK

apartments. The project also has luxurious penthouses. This residential complex is a

project of Sobha Group and is located at Banashankari, Bangalore. The project’s units

are based on an area of around 2051 to 4690 sq. ft. Possession of residential units has

been allowed from April 2020. This project is among the most luxurious projects in

South Bangalore. The apartments are extremely spacious, and the view is

astonishingly beautiful. The project is strategically located near various well-

established inner-city suburbs such as Jayanagar, JP Nagar, and Banashankari. The

prices of residential units in this project start from 2.2 Crores INR. 

Exclusive Listing- Sobha Clovelly Apatments


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most expensive apartment in Bangalore?

Ans. Kingfisher Towers which is located in Ashok Nagar is considered the most expensive.

2. Which area has most apartments in Bangalore?

Ans. South Bangalore is a location which is a hub for residential apartments and one can find most of the well known apartments here.

3. Is Phoenix Kessaku an ultra-luxury apartment?

Ans. Kessaku is an exclusive super luxury apartment in Bangalore by Phoenix Group, located opposite to Orion mall.

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