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Top 10 Luxury Apartments In Bangalore

Posted by Maansa Parameswaran on January 19, 2022
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Luxury Apartments In Bangalore

Bangalore the queen of South Bangalore has become one of the fastest-growing cities in India in recent decades due to its business forums, serene environs, and connectivity. Information technology, hotel, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies are the main growth engines for this enhanced real estate development and thrive with new millennials who desire luxury living spaces. Apartments are among the most desirable luxury properties. Here are the Top 10 Luxury Apartments In Bangalore.

1. Sobha Indraprastha


Sobha Limited is one of the country’s most renowned developers for building sustainable cityscapes. Sobha Indraprastha is one of the leading luxury condominiums in Rajajinagar, in the western part of Bangalore. This 37-story architectural marvel has become a landmark in the region and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

2. Tata Promont Luxury Apartments


Promont is one of Bangalore’s most popular “hillside residences,” consisting of 312 unique apartments and penthouses covering four towers. A self-contained residential area located on 14 acres of the lush natural landscape, combining modern amenities and luxuries.

3. Salarpuria Sattva Luxuria


Salarpuria Sattva Group is a brand with a long-term commitment to trust and transparency. The majestic Salarpuria Sattva Luxuria is in Malleshwaram, west of Bangalore is the landmark of the city’s luxury apartments. Its clever design incorporates the iconic concrete and glass layout, capturing the hearts of the residents of Bangalore.

4. Phoenix One Luxury Apartments


Phoenix One in Rajajinagar is a revolutionary development. Designed by international architects Benoy and RSP, the aesthetic and architectural design of the 30-story skyscraper is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. Designed by Singapore’s Site Concept, the beautifully landscaped green space covers most of the approximately 17 acres of land and offers a detailed and tranquil experience.

5. RMZ Latitude


RMZ Homes is renowned for its innovative pace of development and exquisite architectural design. Located in Hebbal, Bangalore, RMZ Latitude is one of the best luxury apartments in Bangalore. Residential areas bring greenery to urban landscapes, tree-lined streets, and gardens.

6. Peninsula Heights Luxury Apartments


Peninsula Heights understands that clients want all the residence benefits, including safety, first-class facilities, and panoramic views. Nevertheless, the soul is still relaxing in the spacious private apartments. Peninsula Heights is J.P. Nagar, which offers 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom villa-sized apartments in the city center. JP Nagar.

7. Embassy Lake Terraces


Another luxury venture of the Embassy Group, Embassy Lake Terrace, is located in Hebbal, overlooking the pristine Hebbal and Nagawara lakes. Embassy Lake Terraces has also won the prestigious CNBC-AWAAS Real Estate Award in the luxury sector.

The tower adopts the latest modern design, demonstrating elegance and sophistication in each block. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is in one of the quietest locations in northern Bangalore.

8. Prestige Kingfisher Towers Luxury Apartments


It is located on Lavelle Road and is one of the most upscale luxury apartments in Bangalore. The project overlooks the magnificent Cubbon Park in UB City and provides a magnificent view of the city’s most vibrant place.

This project is a 33-story luxury apartment, including apartments from the 5th floor. The project has three towers A, B, and C with a large four-bedroom house covering 8,321 square feet, covering the entire floor of each tower.

9. Total Environment Windmills of Your Mind


Total Environment’s Windmills of Your Mind is probably the nicest apartment on this list. The Total Environment is known for its ready-to-use construction methods, which usually incorporate natural elements. Like its siblings, the Total Environment Windmills of Your Minds is a combination of luxury and tranquility. The luxury condos are located in Whitefield, in the eastern

10. Karle Zenith Residences


Karle Infra is known for its stunning architectural design and attention to detail planning. They are widely known in Bangalore, Goa, and Mysore. Located in Nagawara, North Bangalore, Karle Zenith is regarded as one of Bangalore’s finest luxury condos due to the perfect combination of high culture and quality of life. Karle Zenith also has many prestigious facilities.

These are some of the Top 10 Luxury Apartments in Bangalore which offer an elite living-end experience.

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