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Top Reasons To Buy Properties By Prestige Group

Top Reasons To Buy Properties By Prestige Group

Prestige Group

Well, to start with, are you looking forward to buying a house? If yes, then I have got you. The process of buying a house or investing in a property gives a lot of stress. It takes a lot of research & the process is not less than a rollercoaster. There are plenty of developers emerging daily.

But, only a few have reached a milestone in the construction business. Prestige Groups is one such group that has gained a lot of trust and respect for more than a decade. If you are still in a dilemma to invest in the property developed by Prestige groups, hold on to the post.

History of Prestige Group

Two brothers – Irfan and Rezwan Razack, almost 30 years back decided to move away from the family’s well-established business to start their Construction Business. Bengaluru is the city where Prestige was born in 1986. From, then no looking back. Today Prestige Group is India’s second-largest developer with a turnover of Rs 4054.20 crores.

Developed Millions of Sq Ft

Prestige Groups has created magic on the land on millions of Sq Ft. Until now the company has completed more than 195 projects covering over 67 million square feet of space. They have 65 ongoing projects generating 70 million square feet and 36 upcoming projects.

Prestige Groups has covered, on an average, 48 million square feet of world-class real estate. Recently, the company has expanded to Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mangalore and Mysore. They have developed millions of square feet and are still going on. This is one of the strong points, to buy properties developed by Prestige Groups.


Top Reasons To Buy Properties By Prestige Group

Prestige’s Love for Bengaluru

Prestige Group’s headquarters is in Bengaluru. They have a special connection with the city. Bengaluru alone has more than 160 properties by the group. They have created some benchmark projects in Bengaluru. Prestige Acropolis is one of Bengaluru’s first luxury residential developments.

Forum Mall is Bengaluru’s first and most successful retail mall. Prestige Shantiniketan is the city’s first wholly integrated township project. Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Towers & UB city South India’s First Luxury Mall has been built by Prestige Groups. They have completed so many residential and commercial properties. So many tech parks have been built by them.


Today the Prestige Tech Park, with an offering of six million square feet is among the largest in the city. The company also has tie-ups with world-class hospitality brands like the Hilton-Conrad, Sheraton, Marriott and the list goes on. Prestige Golfshire South India’s first golf villa development, including the world-class 5-star luxury resort hotel, The JW Marriot, set against the picturesque Nandi Hills.

Spread across 275 acres, the property comes complete with ultra-luxurious mansions, a Clubhouse (Falcon Greens), a luxury spa (Quan), a private lake and an 18-hole, championship-sized golf course. Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, IBM and Cisco are some of the Prestige Group’s renowned clients.


Quality & Trust

We all look forward to buying quality homes. Prestige is the name for trust and quality. The brand justifies its tagline, “Adds Prestige to your life”. Prestige Groups believe in delivering quality projects. They never compromise on the quality. They maintain transparency in the materials used.

By using highly innovative technology they have gained trust over the years. It is one of the customer-centric companies which deliver premium projects. Prestige Property Management and Services (PPMS) was set up in 1996 to provide high-quality maintenance and post-construction care for all Prestige developments.

This ability to build a trust-based relationship with buyers, architects, suppliers or employees – has enabled the group to become an industry leader. Trust, combined with ethics and high-quality infrastructure at an affordable price has become the benchmark of the business at Prestige.

Prestige groups believe strongly in the 7 Cs concept – Comprehensive, Capable, Competent, Consistent, Credible, Cost-Effective and Confidence. What do you think? Is this not enough to buy the properties developed by Prestige Groups.

Amazing Sales Team

Without a good marketing team, no company can grow well. Prestige Groups has an amazing sales and marketing team. They believe in serving the customers first. Each & every client query is dealt with commitment. Prestige Groups puts a lot of thought, creativity, innovation and planning into every marketing and advertising campaign for different Projects. They do not forget the past clients.

Along with the marketing, Prestige Groups has a strong online presence and a very innovative website. Clients can track the progress of the projects through their website. They put a lot of effort into reaching the clients. With all these amazing strategies and marketing ideas, today they have set a benchmark in the industry.


  • No wonder why only Prestige Group has received the reputed FIABCI Award for their Software and Residential Facilities.
  • The company’s Investor Rela has been ranked the Second Best in Asia and the Best in India by the Institutional Investor (II) magazine’s 2014 All-Asia Executive Team Rankings.
  • Prestige is the only CRISIL DA1 rated developer in India and has also been awarded the financial rating of A- by ICRA.
  • They are the only developers from India to win the celebrated FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Award 2016 for their landmark luxury residential development, Prestige Silver Oak.

These are some of the prestigious awards gained by Prestige Groups.

I am very impressed by the company’s statistics. What are you waiting for? Are you not impressed? Well, these are enough points to consider if you want to buy properties developed by Prestige Groups. Book your dream house today at Prestige Groups, and add prestige to your life.

Here are a few projects by Prestige Groups

  • Prestige Song of The South
  • Prestige Lake Ridge
  • Prestige Finsbury Park
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