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Tourist Places in Kanakapura Road | Top 10 Spots

Tourist Places in Kanakapura Road | Top 10 Spots

Tourist Places in Kanakapura Road


Who doesn’t like the lush green forest, chirping birds, and the river? Yes, I am talking about the surroundings of Kanakapura and the Kanakapura road. Kanakapura is a town located 50 km from Bengaluru city. The town attracts a lot of tourists from different places. There are many places to visit in and around the locality.

Here are the top 9 tourist places in Kanakapura Road

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta


Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is approximately 70 Km from Bengaluru city. The hill gets its name from the Rangaswamy temple, located on top of the hill. The hill looks white from far, so the name Bilikallu has derived. Bili means white in the native language and Kallu means stone. Bilikal Rangaswamy betta is 3780 feet, which is one of the highest points in the locality.


Bananthimari Betta

bala-bettaThe Bananthimari betta popularly known as karadibetta or maribetta is one of the popular trekking destinations among the adventure loving people. The temple is located on the hill. The greenery around the hill temple and a small pond beside the hill makes it worth the visit. The Bananthimari betta is 13 km from the kanakapura town.

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi-FallsThe Arkavathi river makes a beautiful waterfall, around 30 kms from the kanakpura. It is popularly called the chunchi falls. The waterfall is beautiful and is worth the visit. climbing the hills and the spectacular view of the waterfall will hold your breath for a minute. If you are interested and want to explore more, hire a local guide.



SangamaSangama is the name of the convergence of 2 rivers, the Kaveri river, and the arkavati river. It is a tourist hotspot and will be crowded with people. It is a pre-wedding shoot hotspot as well. The river will be flowing with glory in the monsoon. It’s always recommended to be careful when you get down into the water.



Mekedatu was named after the goat that leaped the rocks, in the distress to save its life, from the tiger. Mekedatu is located 4 kilometers from Sangama. It’s a beautiful spot with the Kaveri River running through it.

The Art Of Living


If you are looking to isolate yourself from the outside world and want to seek peace and want some connection with your inner self, there is no other place than The Art Of Living. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar established this meditation and yoga center on Kanakapura Road, which is surrounded by vegetation. Vishalakshi Mantap, gurukul, and ayurvedic hospital are all located on the campus.


Pyramid Valley

The world’s largest meditational pyramid is at the kebbedoddi village on the way to kanakpura. The pyramid valley provides equal space for every individual, the space to meditate. The massive Buddha statue at the entrance is 160 feet wide and 102 feet tall.

Paintball and Quad Biking

Paintball and Quad biking is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. If you love driving, then opt for quad riding on the dirt tracks.

Kabbalamma Temple

Kabbalamma temple is located at kanakpura village of Ramanagara district. Kabbalamma Temple is a Hindu shrine devoted to Kabalamma. Devotees in the Ramanagara district worshiped Shakti as “Kabbalamma.” It is one of the most famous temples in the region. On Tuesdays and Friday the temple will be crowded with devotees.

These are some of the popular places to visit in Kanakapura Road. Plan and visit these places along with your friends and family for a fun-filled and adventurous weekend.

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