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Vaastu Shastra of Home

Harmonize Your Home: Vastu Shastra Tips

Unlock Positive Energy: Vaastu Shastra of Home

Vaastu Shastra of HomeToday, we are living quite a hectic lifestyle and need to break away from mental and physical fatigue through holidays, camping, fitness routines, spending time with the family, and much more. It is only when you feel comfortable and happy in the home where you are living that you can show optimal performance in the workplace and take care of our family in the best way. Your home becomes warm and cozy only when it has a positive amount of energy in it, which is what Vaastu Shastra aims to bring about.

What is the Vaastu Shastra?

It is our ancient system of architecture and design that lays down certain rules and regulations on how to bring about a harmonious environment in the house, as only with positive vibes will there be much need for growth and prosperity in life. According to the Vaastu Shastra, there is a connection between the cosmos, its energies, and the physical structures in which we live. It gives details on how physical structures like the home or office can harness energy from the cosmos for growth, wealth, and happiness.

How Will Following Vaastu Shastra Help Bring Harmony Into Your Home?

Vaastu Shastra gives information on how to align the rooms of your home, what to put into various spaces of the home, and various directions that need to be followed in room layout, etc. By implementing these rules and instructions, your home will be a place that has spiritual bliss, brings a lot of calmness into your heart and mind, and helps you to be more productive every day. For example, the front entrance of the house must be in the north or east. Why? It is a positive direction, so an entrance in such places invites positive energy into the home.

Let’s look at another example, one related to natural light and ventilation. According to Vaastu Shastra, the windows must be placed in such a way that maximum light from the outside enters the rooms and also ventilation. By giving the right positioning to the windows, you are utilizing the flow of light and wind in the maximum possible way, which enhances your health and vitality and brings about growth in life. An underground water tank and also the puja room should be in the north-eastern part of the home, while the south-east should have the power supply, generator, and kitchen of the home. In the west direction, the overhead tank and study room should be laid out.

According to Vaastu, when it comes to how you paint various rooms in the house, you need to choose colors that are pleasing and balanced, but different colors need to be used for each room based on which direction they are laid out in the house. This helps to usher positive energy into the home, and you feel relaxed when you enter any particular room. It is important to maintain proper air quality inside the house, which can be difficult when you have so much air pollution, by using various scents, sprays, and cleaning solutions. How can the rooms in your home always have clean air? Vaastu mentions certain plants that are good at removing toxins from the air and can usher clean air into each room of the home, making it a healthy place for you and your family to live.

As you lived in a home for a couple of years, a lot of personal items and objects would have accumulated. Remove those that you no longer need or have become outdated. According to Vaastu, having a lot of clutter in the living and working spaces of the home prevents positive energy and vibes from moving freely, so de-cluttering helps to throw them out and enhance such energy, which brings peace, harmony, and health. While de-cluttering, make sure to throw away any broken down or not-working items as they are negative energy. If there are weeds in the garden or plants that are withering away, throw them out, as they represent energy that is stagnant and they also prevent positive vibes from entering the home.

Having good sleep is important because it keeps you healthy. However, if you have a mirror right in front of the bed, according to Vaastu, your sleep will get disturbed, so it is best to avoid placing a mirror this way. If a room’s ceiling has exposed beams, do not put a bed underneath it and try to sleep, as it will only lead to mental stress.

If you want to bring Vaastu principles into your office, check the area where the financial documents are to be placed. They should be in the southwest, and furthermore, office money should be in the north-east direction, as this ushers in profits, prosperity, and growth in the market. The entrance to the office should be in the north-east or north-west direction, as this ushers in money. Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, rules in the northern direction, so having the entrance inn will bring more clients and enhance financial flows significantly.

Looking into previous Vaastu principles will help you build a home that is beautiful and also filled with positive energy and high spirituality. This will bring the right conditions into your life that makes way for the accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Success in the workplace can also be brought about by following Vaastu principles at home and in the office.


Vaastu Shastra can be applied in today’s times to alleviate negative energies in our lives and usher in positive vibes, which are much needed for growth and prosperity. Since it is a science with many nuances, having some knowledge is not enough. It is vital to consult a Vaastu Shastra expert to build a home exactly according to Vaastu principles and furnish it with items that are beneficial according to them.

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