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Vastu For Colors

Vastu For Colors

Vastu for Colors– The world is full of colours. Without colours, everything looks neutral. Good colours create good impressions. House is an integral part of everyone’s life. Just like interiors, the exterior of the house makes the house look more beautiful. To make the house look more classy and attractive select the right texture and colour. Wrong colour combinations make the house go from fab to drab.

Vastu shastra has some defined rules for every architectural design.

While choosing the colour combination for your house, always keep Vastu in mind. According to Vastu, the colours have healing and triggering properties. The exterior and the interior colours of the house have a significant effect on the energy flow into the house.

Talking of the exteriors of the house, many of them like to keep it simple. Contemporarily, people keep trying different colour combinations. If the colours are mixed in the right proportions, you can give your house a new look.

Taking Vastu shastra into consideration, light pink or light orange are called Vastu colours. However, darker shades of orange should be avoided on the exterior of the house. Light pink is called the Vastu colour.


Vastu For Colors

Light shades of yellow are one such colour, which always attracts positive energy to the house. Yellow is the colour of the sun. According to Vastu, yellow brings good balance in relationships, wisdom and patience.

Light Pink


If you are a fan of shades of pink, then light pink is your colour. Pink represents calmness, purity, joy and love. If you feel there is some lack of joy and love at home, try this colour and see the changes.

Green and Pista colours


Green is the colour of nature. If you are a nature lover, then try the green colour. Use the lighter shades of green for the exterior. The green colour brings freshness and positivity to the house. Green symbolizes prosperity according to Vastu.

Light Shades of Blue


Blue is called the ocean colour and sky colour. One can try the colour combinations of light shades of blue and white for the exterior of the house for peace, calmness and right energy flow.



This colour can never go out of style. White is the colour of purity and wholeness. By mixing all the colours of the rainbow, we get white colour. Try this on the exterior of the house for a classy yet elegant look.

Well, these are some of the colours, suggested by Vastu Shastra for the exterior of the house. There are different types of colours available but it is always advisable to go by Vastu colours.

Here is the list of colours one should avoid

Red, Black and Dark Brown and Dark Blue, these colours are said to trigger the wrong emotions. The red colour is advisable only to use on the top of the roof, just to avoid any incoming negative energy.

Contemporary Colour Combinations

If you don’t like one single colour, use different colour combinations to get the look you desired. Colours used in the right proportion are said to balance the harmony in the house. We have come up with different colour combination ideas, by keeping Vastu in mind.

Try mixing Yellow White and Grey, to revamp your house.

Yellow can never go out of style. Try mixing yellow with white, blue and grey colour in proper proportions and see the magic it creates.

Green and Browns are the two natural colours that complement each other very well. Try this colour combination for an earthy look.

Below is some of the house design according to Vastu For Colors

White Yellow and Grey

White Yellow and Grey


Green Yellow and white


Yellow and Grey


Peach and White

These are just a few colour combinations. The above images and the information provided are for reference purposes only. Before deciding the colours make sure to visit any Vastu consultant for the right colour for your house.

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