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Vastu Items For Home

Trending Vastu Items For Home-Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science, treatise or guide which shows how a home should be constructed right from its entrances to its various inner rooms like kitchen, living room, bedroom as well as outer areas such as the balconies and courtyard. Developed by Indian sages thousands of years ago, it has been well put into practice in building and temple constructions.

About Vaastu Shastra

The roots of Vaastu Shastra lies in Indian Religion, Geography, Geology, Math and Philosophy. Key points that it looks into are roads, structures surrounding a home, topography of the area in which the home is to be built, earth’s energy field, natural elements, effect of the sun’s rays, influences arising from earth’s magnetic field and earth’s energy field. Vaastu Shastra lays down the rules for building construction so that it is done in harmony with its natural surroundings. Harmony can be brought inside the structure and the area surrounding it by managing the flow of cosmic energy in and around it.

It also mentions various items that can be placed throughout the home for a peaceful, prosperous and happy life. Given the fact that life is fast-paced and stressful, including such items in the home will bring better life influences and pave the way for a happier, healthier home.

Important Vastu Items for home That Bring Peace, Harmony, Wealth And Health Into Your Life

Laughing Buddha


The most striking Vastu item is the laughing Buddha, which immediately attracts attention with its serene appearance which makes the onlooker feel at ease. It must be kept at the front door. It is a very important item for its ability to bring prosperity, peace and eliminate negativity from entering the inner space. You can keep a Buddha laughing, in a meditating pose in the prayer room, study room or bedroom to remove stress. A laughing Buddha that carries Wo Lu will bring health into your life and should be placed in the east section of the living or the bedroom. Keep a laughing Budha on an office desk and you will find such a positive change in career and income as it symbolizes power and strength.

Lord Kuber


He represents wealth, prosperity and richness and by keeping his statue on the work desk, enormous income gains can be experienced. He is the guardian of all the wealth in the world and grants it to individuals worshipping him. His statue should be placed in the north or north eastern part of the home.



Beautiful turtle statues are a classic Vastu item due to their hugely positive influence in the home. This animal is a symbol of longevity, large family, good health, big dynasty and successful life. Its key feature is its shell which is very hard, but this shell’s inner meaning is that of a protection wall which shields us from calamities. Turtles should be placed in the north and center part of the home and in the north side of the office, as this will bring bliss and success into your life. Turtles made from mud or other such natural materials should be placed in the South West, Center or North East part of the home. However those made from metals should be placed in the North and North West part of the home, while ones made from crystals should be kept in the North West or South West part of the home.

Peacock Feathers


One of the most colorful and eye-catching Vaastu items is peacock feathers. Place them in clean spaces around the home to give it a traditional, earthy look and also to bring out its inherent Vastu energy – peace and positive energy, into the inner living space. Keeping peacock feathers in the locker will bring more wealth and also make life stable. If a bunch of peacock features are placed in the center of the dining room or drawing room, it enhances harmony and happiness with family members.

Shree Yantra


Enrich your life with choicest blessings with the Shree Yantra. Symbolizing qualities of fame, good fortune, good income and health, it is a valuable and much-prized Vastu item that has been used by Indian Royalty to be strong, powerful and glorious. It should be placed in the East, looking towards the West part of the home. It can also be placed in the North and NORTH-EAST direction of the home. The meaning of Shree is wealth and the Shree Yantra enables its worshippers to get all their desires, wishes fulfilled and gain income in abundance.

Wind Chimes


Pleasant sounds throughout the home make it a lovely and enjoyable place to live. Bring in the sweetest sounds through wind chimes, which shake even with a slightest breeze. They are designed to enhance the look of your interiors and according to Vaastu, they bring positivity, happiness and peace into the home. Keep metal wind chimes in West, North or Northwest sections of the home and those made from wood should be kept in the East, South and South East sections.

Arowana Fish


Another very powerful Vastu item for home harmony is the Arowana fish and should be kept in the North or North-East direction. This fish is regarded as the emperor of the fish kingdom and is considered to be a symbol of wealth, power and high status in society. It is also known as the golden dragon and will bring happiness, personal power and prosperity to its owner.

Elephant with Frog


It is a very important Vastu item as it symbolizes wisdom, success, strength and wealth. These two animals are considered to be auspicious and their combination will give amazing victory and strength in life. It is best for keeping in an office room, shop, or the living room of the home.

Horse Shoe


The Horse Shoe is a Vaastu item that helps to appease Lord Shani. It brings good luck, fortune, wealth and gets rid of evil eyes, evil spirits. It should be kept above a wooden door, window or on a wall and in an upward not downward position.

Water Fountain


Bring abundance of positive energy and wealth into your life with an indoor fountain, which should be placed in the East, North and North East part of the home. The water in the fountain should always be flowing.

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