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Vastu Tips For Home- Wealth And Prosperity

Vastu Tips For Home- Wealth And Prosperity

Did you know you could attract Wealth and Prosperity to your house using Vastu?

While giving a fresh, new look to your home did you know few Vastu tips for the home could bring a lot of positive changes? After all, in bringing wealth and prosperity, making a little change to the environment can go a long way. Vastu shastra focuses on balancing five elements of energy, i.e., water, space, fire, earth, and air.

Vastu tips for home

Therefore, a few quick and affordable solutions can ensure that the maximum energy from these five elements is absorbed by your house. In your life, this will ensure financial stability and abundance. We have shared a few tips in this write-up that will help your house attract wealth and happiness.

Here are a few Vastu Tips For Home

1. Choose auspicious colors for the wall paint

The proper use of colors can do wonders and bring positive energy that will help to create harmony and equilibrium. Painting yellow, red, and orange on the walls can help bring health and happiness. Positivity and fresh energy bring in green and blue.

The red, purple, and white colors enhance the family’s health. Then consider painting a waterfall, goldfish, or a flowing river if you are looking to add a few stylish wallpapers or wall paintings.

2. Place idols and spiritual yantras in your house

In the northeast corner, the idols of Laxmi Ganesha and Kuber can be strategically placed to remove bad energy from the house. Experts from Vastu also suggest that the west and north are optimal for placing Ganesha’s idol. Make sure you put the idol of Ganesha in the northern direction, as this is where Lord Shiva resides. In addition, Shri Yantra and Shree Lakshmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra can also be positioned as they influence a positive vibe.

3. Fix leakage in the water system

Water leaking from the bathrooms, pipes, and kitchens is considered inauspicious. Therefore, it’s essential to get them fixed. Also, make sure that the entire water setup works properly. There should be no blockage at all.

4. Keep your dwelling organized

A house that is minimalist and clutter-free draws positive energy that includes financial well-being. You can use warehouse furniture and organizers to keep everything well-organized. And, in the southwest corner of your home, anything related to money such as cash, bond papers, property documents should be placed in a locker or safe.

5. Have a well-lit Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be a house’s heart. To guarantee your family’s well-being, it should be well-organized and properly ventilated. Vastu specialists also suggest that the kitchen should be painted in white, yellow, green, red, blue, or orange colors. For cabinets and doors, similar colors can be chosen to remove any negative energy from the house.

6. Improve the entrance door outlook

The entrance door should be welcoming to wealth and prosperity. One of the primary determinants of this positivity is the color of the door. For south-facing doors, it is best to paint red or orange on the doors. If the door faces north, you should have it painted blue or black.

And for doors facing west, brown and green are considered the best colors. Apart from choosing the right color for the entrance door, you should place Vastu plants near it.

You can alter the interior of your home to draw more wealth and prosperity. Vastu’s science will assist you with this. It is important to choose the right colors for the walls and to achieve a clutter-free interior to maintain the right energy flow in the building. It also makes it beneficial for you to keep the idols and spiritual Yantras in the right positions.


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