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home wall design

Walls that Wow: A Deep Dive Into Stunning Home Wall Design

Home Wall Design

Making a wall in the living room, reception, or bedroom can make the place beautiful and bring charm and liveliness to it. Every day when you pass by it, the décor can inspire and energize you enough for you to feel lively throughout the day. If you are an artist, what better way to enhance your home than with your own art pieces that are spread across the wall of a room for everyone to see?

Some Interesting Home Wall Design Ideas:

interesting home wall designA wall that is blank but painted white can be boring and does not give off an energizing vibe. On the other hand, if it is an accent wall done in a bold color, it will transform the room into a lively space. By adding interesting wall décor such as a shelf else a patterned design, vibrant colors, stenciled or textured art, tiles or even a hanging embroidered fabric,  you can make the room look unique and artistic and make a beautiful impression on visitors. Make your wall look modern and trendy with a lovely home wall design. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

  • Covert a single wall in the room into an accent wall, wherein it is painted in a bold, striking colour that makes it stand apart. You can place pictures or art collections on it, which will transform its look into one of elegance and beauty. An accent wall with pictures hanging from it will transform the room into one that is chic and trendy in style.
  • Are you a book worm? If so, then decorating a wall with shelves is the first thing you would want to do. However, there is more to these shelves than just using them for storing books. You can put small handmade items, sculptures, souvenirs from travel, cure showcase items, etc. The more different the items, the more unique they look, and the shelf is sure to catch attention.
  • How about wallpaper covering all the wall space? Look into different K designs and select one that is modern, bright, and captures the natural light that comes into the room. This type of wall design accentuates the room’s appearance; look for wallpaper with stylish pattern designs so that you can bring the desired effect into the room.’
  • Covering the entire wall with photos that show your talent in photography or that are thought-provoking about nature is a sure way of making a wall look unique. You can also try putting up an art collection based on a particular genre, with each painting on a particular subject but belonging to a genre. Ensure that the frames of the images used are simple.
  • Mirrors are a stylish way to decorate the wall. hang up many mirrors of square or oval shape throughout the wall, or perhaps half of it. As they reflect light, they will make the wall look beautiful and will also show the room as bigger than it really is. As people walk in the room, you can see it reflected on all the mirrors, which adds a magic touch to the room.
  • How about painting a mural across the wall? This is a sure way of bringing out your drawing talent and inner creativity. What message do you want to give to people who come inside? Is it peace, love, mother nature, preserving the earth, etc.? Infuse a lot of colours, and the wall will be bright and beautiful, transforming the room into a lively place for meetings and discussions.
  • Hang up macramé wall hangings, as they are really beautiful handmade art pieces. They make the wall come alive with their beauty and make the room look very elegant. Anything hand-made is sure to be appreciated, but macramé hanging with beautiful knots is a top item that will enhance the look of the place where it is placed right away!
  • Like macramé, beaded wall art is yet another means of enhancing the appearance of a wall. It is one of the most beautiful wall decorations that you can hang up. For example, if you can find different types of beaded wall hangings with varying patterns, you will be able to give your wall an interesting and special appearance like none other.
  • Baskets are a beautiful means of wall decoration, and they can be bought in various sizes and colours to give a fabulous look. Be it a small wicket basket or an oversized one, even those made from beads or just wire, whatever the work, hang it up on the wall, and it will look beautiful. Colourful baskets will make a white-coloured wall look outstanding.
  • How about hanging different kinds of hats? If you have a collection and can use it for wall décor, then put up pegs right away to show them off! Wouldn’t a wall look grand and different? Hats are available in many sizes, colours, and materials, and they look spectacular when they are hung up in different styles.
  • What if you could hang a rug on the wall? There are so many rugs that are beautiful art pieces that can be shown off by displaying them on a wall. Colourful rugs can transform a room into one that is elegant, and an idea displayed through art on the rug can be very thought-provoking.
  • Many people find abstract art intriguing because it shows a message in a meaningful way, but you can find it by studying the work. Large, beautiful abstract art works can be displayed across a big wall. They can be about different ideas, and when you put an abstract art collection on the wall, anyone who sees it will be impressed.
  • Convert the wall you want to decorate into a game board for your favourite board game. It can be checker, chess, monopoly, ludo, or anything else that you fancy. Use magnetic strips to create coins that you can play across the board. Spend time playing games with a family member or friend in the evening. This will keep you engaged when you want to relax and de-stress.
  • How about creating a mood board that has many pictures of your hand drawing? These drawings can be doodle drawings, cartoons, or abstract art that you created when you had some free time. Showing them in the form of a story or an idea will be quite impressive and will make the wall look refreshing and interesting for everyone. You can add new pictures or change the existing ones to bring more of your ideas to the wall.


By creatively designing your walls, the room will look vibrant and new. It will be a makeover, but one that is done creatively to bring a lot of beauty into the room. Wall design can liven up a room and make it a place that is optimal for everyone to gather and discuss or enjoy watching television, playing games, or perhaps doing some chores for an upcoming festival.

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