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Super Fun Real Estate Based Web Series

Top Super Fun Real Estate Based Web Series 2020

Selling Sunset:

“Selling Sunset” showcases the drama at The Oppenheim Group, where elite real

estate agents sell the costly life to their prosperous buyers. It has captivated viewers

with its depiction of glamorous multimillion-dollar listings and the drama-filled personal

and expert lives of the sellers at The Oppenheim Group. Selling Sunset doesn’t just

focus on the wealthy and glamorous lives of real estate agents and their clients. It also

showcases beautiful and expensive houses and gives you an idea of the sometimes

cutthroat business of selling houses. The drama shows that women conduct

themselves as professional businesswomen. Empower women to believe in themselves

and follow their dreams. It also helps investors to discover what they are good at and

end up being mediocre in different areas.


Million Dollar Beach House:

Million Dollar Beach House is a reality web television collection that aired on Netflix on

August 26, 2020. The show follows a collection of younger and formidable agents, a

part of the Nest Seekers International, promoting and selling holiday homes, however,

these series concentrate mainly on expensive homes for holiday vacation. This show

documents the lives of agents as they try to carve out a share of the market for

themselves. Additionally, the show gives you an in-depth overview of the client/real

estate agent relationship and highlights the difficulties of balancing the interests of the

clients and the agent.


Property Brothers:

Property Brothers is a television show based on real estate. The show chooses cities for

filming based on a variety of factors including client interest, near to a major airport,

and diversity of architecture. Property Brothers use their computer and technical

expertise to help potential home buyers renovate houses to their liking within a

budget. They help customers to achieve their home design dreams! With the brothers

at your side, you’ll demo, renovate, customize, and design homes with the equal

charm and style the twins have known for. The show suggests approaches to making

an investment in real estate as well such as virtual real estate which are not that

common as of now.


Flip or flop:

Flip or flop is a television series based on the real estate market crash. The show hires

a formerly-married couple. After finding success as real estate agents and then

experiencing the drastic downside of the housing market, they now purchase

distressed properties redecorate them, and promote them at a profit. At least, it’s the

way it is supposed to work. The show tells investors how to buy homes, typically bank-

owned, short sales, and damaged properties to renovate and resell.


Tiny House Nation:

Tiny House Nation exposes off innovative small spaces and assists new buyers in

households designs and assembles their personal mini-dream home in a space no large

than 500 square feet.

The destiny of living challenges real estate operators to offer cheap, customized

accommodations which might be area-optimized on the identical time. This has lead

micro-residing to be one of the pinnacle trends in the industry already for some years.

Tiny houses are very suitable for the small family when you consider that each piece of

these homes has to fit perfectly for the family.

Finding smart ideas to optimize the available area you have can be challenging, but

Tiny House Nation can provide a huge quantity of guidelines and hints that may be

discovered to deal with this issue.


Fixer Upper:

There is a superb risk that you have probably at least heard of Fixer Upper. Flipping

houses has become a massive and profitable enterprise over the last few years. And,

Fixer Upper is one of these HGTV indicates that contributed to the popularity growth of

the genre. That being said, this show follows a Texas-based couple, Joanna and Chip

Gaines, as they remodel crappy run-down houses from all around the area. Not best do

they remodel houses; however they remodel them into their client’s dream houses. Of

course, this doesn’t imply that the entirety is usually rainbow and unicorns. The couple

usually encounters troubles along the way.

Roofing troubles, structural problems, and basic problems are only a few of the

problems. And permit me to inform you, I’ve handled a leaking roof earlier than and it

is no smooth task. I ended up simply hiring all the work out to my neighborhood

Kansas City expert roofers because I was done trying to restore it myself. Everything

from unruly contractors to haggling for salvaged gadgets threatens to prevent the

group from assembly their deadlines.


Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel:

With 1.33M subscribers, Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel has lots of motivation for

the ones trying to get into the actual property or any form of entrepreneurially-

targeted enterprise. Grant constructed his fortune together along with his actual

property funding firm, Cardone Capital that has $1Billion assets under management.

He additionally travels the world consulting Fortune 500 companies, small enterprise

owners, startups, and governments on enterprise expansion.


Love It Or List It:

This one additionally airs on HGTV, however, it is primarily based in a completely

distinctive country, which absolutely sets it apart. This one is based out of Canada and

it follows fashion dressmaker Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin as they

compete to look who can win over their clients. Hilary is usually given a selected price

range by a client.

She then has to take this price range and redecorate the prevailing home, while David

will try and counter her services with some of the opportunity alternatives inside their

equal price range. The owners will determine which services they prefer best. However,

the actual aptitude from the display comes from the 2 competing stars. Hilary and

David bicker again and forth, however in a playful way, as they compete for the

enterprise of Canadian owners.


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