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Wedding Decor At Home

Wedding Decor At Home

Beautiful Wedding Decor At Home

Wedding season is around the corner and the topic is very apt. Especially in India, there is a lot of discussion happening around the decoration. As the wedding day approaches, the house becomes the venue hall for most of the rituals and events. Haldi, sangeet and poojas will be more fun when celebrated at home. So every one of us plans to decorate the house. DIY budget-friendly wedding décor at home are in trend these days. To make the house look like a bride or groom’s house or “maduve manne” try these wedding decor at home.

Fairy Lights


Fairy lights can never go out of trend. These are the most common décor items in an Indian household in any home decor. Be it a festival, wedding or any event, fairy lights instantly transform the aura of the place. Use fairy lights and your creativity to transform the house. Fairy lights can be used both in indoor and outdoor wedding home décor. Hang some lights on the balcony, or on the trees or as the backdrop. There are various colors of fairy lights available in the market.



Flowers are the prime and the major decorative piece in the wedding décor. Using flowers as decorations inside your home does wonders. Flowers can be used in a variety of ways: place them on surfaces, hang them, paste them on the walls, plant them in little pots, or use various colors of flowers as a backdrop. The most used flowers in wedding home décor are marigold and white lily. With some aroma and colours, flowers bring in some elegance for wedding decor at home.


Umbrellas of Different Color


Isn’t it quite interesting? The idea is very desi. Use big Rajasthani umbrellas, of various different colours. Umbrellas make for a wonderful, quirky decoration prop. They make for a warm, traditional yet glam welcome. A pretty lace umbrella in a bright bunch of flowers makes for a delightful centerpiece on your table. Try hanging the umbrellas from the ceilings and hanging some fairy lights. It’s like a gorgeous handmade chandelier. Umbrellas are very vibrant yet, very quirky pieces of decorative items, that can be used in the wedding decor at home.



bridal-swing-decorationHow can we forget Swings? They were the staple decorative piece in the Indian household. As and when time passed, the swings have lost their relevance and they have become a decorative piece now. If you are planning a mehndi or sangeet in your garden, place a swing and decorate the swing with some bright colours. Add some flowers and lights, to accentuate the beauty. If you have a swing at home and an event coming up, don’t forget to decorate the swing for wedding home decor.




Colourful drapes are the old school method of decorating a house and they can never go out of style. A variety of colours, textures and patterns are available in the market. Create a carnival feel by draping colourful dupattas or curtains, all around the house. It will give an aesthetic look to your house. Or just drop the drapes on the backdrop, to give a touch of colours. Drapes are the most common and easily available wedding home decor item.


Photo Wall


Photo walls are so in trend. Dedicate a wall only to the pictures, and bring back some memories. This idea will be very unique and will be emotional as well. Use simple adhesive tape, picture hanging tape or picture hanging strips. The adhesive picture hanging strips are ideal for very small picture frames or light photos. Think of a colour scheme and then start pasting or hanging the pictures. This is one of the quickest, wedding home decor ideas.




Balloons are easily available decoration pieces. No decoration is complete without the balloons. By cutting the throat of the balloons and wrapping them along with the mason jars. You can wrap them around old mugs and reuse them; you can easily wrap them around lots of objects. Inflate the balloons. You can coordinate the colour shades accordingly. Tie them in a string using the thread and hang them on the wall or a place you feel suitable in the venue. Balloons can be used in many ways to decorate the house, be it be birthday decorations or wedding home decor.


Paper fans and Paper tapes

paper-wedding-decorThe fan can be placed in a display stand or it can be held up by the wall. You can also use a larger shadowbox to display several fans together in the same box or add a couple of decorative knick-knacks in the box with the fan. Same colour fan or different colour fan can be used to create a backdrop. You can also use various paper tapes and hang them or paste them using double-sided tape to the wall. Paper tapes and paper fans make an amazing wedding home decor item.


Photo Booth

Find a Space for Your Photo Booth, and create Your Photo Booth Backdrop. Your backdrop can be as elaborate or simple as you like, just make sure it’s not a plain white wall. Buy or Make Some Playful Photo Booth Props, add some lighting to make sure the photo booth should be visible to everyone. and get the guests to click the photos.


flower-decorWhitenetted curtain with and led light combo is the perfect, wedding decor item for home. You can also use foil metallic curtains of different colours. Curtains are a great piece of decorative item. Use them along with your creativity and bring out the best in them.




These are some of the DIY budget-friendly, wedding decor at home, that anyone can try. There are a lot of wedding home décor options available. There are a lot of properties available at stationery shops or even online. Plan way ahead and surprise your loved ones with the décor. Let me know in the comment section below, what is your favourite property in wedding home décor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which flower is mostly used in Indian wedding home decor?

Ans. Marigold is the commonly used flower in the Indian Weddings

2. Are these DIY home decor budget-friendly?

Ans. Yes, DIY’s are actually budget friendly and can be easy done at home with some help

3. Can vases and mason jars be used?

Ans. Yes, pair them up with flowers or paper craft to add some beauty



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