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What is a kid friendly home?

Kid-Friendly Home


Why kid-friendly home? Some homes are designed for the functionality of elders, some for trendy young

millennials and very few are designed and built for the comfort of everyone. One must

carefully plan or reconsider the functionality of a kid-friendly home because a kid is

always bubbling with energy and lives carefree, others in the house can adjust to a

little discomfort since we understand the shortcomings but a kid won’t be able to.,

that’s why in this article I am providing in-depth things to consider to make a home, a

kid-friendly home. 


Sharp Edges

Watch out for the sharp edges around the wall coverings, wooden panels, TV cabinets,

design archives, door frames, study tables, bookshelves, and every running bead of

such storages and even the wall finishes. The last thing you want is your child getting

hurt badly trying to reach out to that toy that is stuck beneath the shelf or trying to

reach for the game console from the tv cabinet. Not only the child, even an adult

oftentimes experience bruises just by brushing against those sharp edges. I

recommend a round smooth finish that not only enhances the overall look but ensures

protection against such possible bruises.


Bathroom & Balcony floor tiles

Some of the floor tiles are a nightmare to step on when it’s wet. Just because it looks

fabulous throwing an enormous amount of light doesn’t always guarantee safety for

everyday use. There are hundreds of varieties of certified anti-skid tiles in the market,

you can also try matt finishes that provide grip to the foot. More than the tiles do

you know a majority of the accident takes place by stepping on a loose bathroom mat?

As funny as it may sound but your little one needs a better tile and a quality wet and

dry mat to protect from slippery.


Balconies and windows

I have Acrophobia I never lean on to view:(

But do you know what kids love to do? Climb on the protective railings of the balcony

and step on the mattress to lean from the top of the windows., this may sound scary

and it is. Therefore it must be protected from accidental falls like enclosing with bird

nets which for the information doesn’t even obstruct your view, some people even

cover it up with fabrication works using steel or aluminum and glass. It depends based

on how you want it to appeal aesthetically but also provides the ultimate security. 



Electrical sockets


The allure of an electrical outlet can be too much for a curious kid to resist. The tiny

slots are just the right size for a coin, paper clip, key, or pin. If you leave a child

unattended by an outlet for even a few moments and he or she ends up inserting tiny

metal objects into those conveniently sized receptacles, the outcome may be

catastrophic. Therefore various apartments use plastic receptacle caps or sliding

receptacle covers that can help deter kids from playing with outlets, and provide




Nowadays Lifts and elevators are common in high-rise buildings and apartments.

Though Lifts are extremely safe, the number of death and injuries is increasing due to

lifts malfunctioning and negligence. Apartment communities need to be careful

regarding Lift safety and its maintenance. Spend a moment talking to them about Lift

safety and security measures such as alarms, CCTV cameras, security personnel

maintained in a particular apartment to operate the lift.  


Swimming pool

Swimming is one of the most sought activities by adults and kids. Various schools,

parks, clubs, apartments, and many other recreational places have considered

swimming as an important health-related activity for kids. Various apartments in

Bangalore which owns a pool is bound to have child swimmers. When it comes to

swimming, not every child is accompanied by his or her parent. As a result, authorities

must exercise caution and employ such procedures in order to ensure the safety of

children when swimming. Every swimming pool should have a pool fence that is at

least 1.4 m high and should be strong and secure. The pool fence should have a self-

closing gate or a child-resistant gate. The pool should also contain a pool safety alarm,

proper supervision, and safety gadgets in case of emergency.


Main door locks

Kids are curious and, as you know, the world outside your home is not safe for

children. There are safety risks literally all around. Luckily, a range of childproofing

door locks to help you and your kid.

Installing a deadbolt or a locking door chain is the simplest way to childproof the front

door. The deadbolt or chain should be installed above the door handle and high enough

so that even if children find anything to stand on, such as a chair, they cannot reach

the latch and open the door.


Digital Securities 


For many people, safety tops the list of criteria for choosing life in a gated community,

followed by, of course, amenities. The sense of protection provided by security guards

stationed at all entry and exit points, CCTV monitoring of the surrounding area, and

multiple levels of entry approvals is undeniable. And, with digital security assisting

enhanced security measures, apartment complex resident associations are going all

out to bring them in the first place.

Install a personnel security camera to check in on your kids even when you’re not with

them. Put cameras in every corner of your home to have eyes on your living spaces,

whether it’s your kids’ playroom, their bedroom, or basement.


These tips will help you find the best possible place for your children’s and family,

because no one wants to consider these things after they’ve already moved into a new


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