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What is Investment Banking and Why Are We Talking About It Now towards 2023

What is Investment Banking and Why Are We Talking About It Now towards 2023

Investment Banking in 2023

A financial services firm or branch of a bank that offers consulting services to the government, private citizens, and businesses regarding financing, investment, mergers and acquisitions, etc. is known as investment banking. It serves as a link between firms and investors, which require capital to operate and grow.

Investment Banking In Brief

real-estate-agencies-in-bangaloreWhile the investment banking segment of a bank only offers underwriting and M&A (merger and acquisition) services, an investment bank functions as a full-service organization and offers a variety of services to its clients, including equities, the real economy, investment management, futures and options trading, and FICC (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities).

Investment banking offers Sell-side and Buy-side services, respectively. Sell-side services include trading in stocks, derivatives, promoting securities, etc. Buy-side services include consulting services for businesses interested in purchasing investments, such as insurance companies, pension funds, and so on.

Investment banks act as a middleman between investors and companies. Valuing securities, aids firms in generating income. Investment banks assist their clients in obtaining cash as well as complying with obligations.

An investment bank can purchase all of the firm’s shares during the initial public offering and then offer them in the market as the surrogate company. It benefits the business to contract out the Offering to the investment bank directly. Regarding insurance services, acquisitions, and purchases, it offers advisory services.

The main goal of investment banking used to be to close the funding gap between shareholders and the businesses, people, and governments that needed money to expand and operate. The variety of tasks that fall within the scope of investment banking, however, is no longer clearly defined. Investment banks offer a variety of services to their clients in addition to underwriting and merger and acquisition-related advisory services.

Investment Banking Structure

Like any other organization, investment Banking follows a certain model of working. It is also called the structure of the banking system.

Front Office Executives – Workers in this division interact directly with customers. It is a division that generates income. Research services, capital raising, trading, and mergers and acquisitions advisory services are among the activities.

Middle Office- Services related to vulnerability and information technology are handled by personnel in this division.

Back end – Customer service, hr, admin manager, employees’ salary, and other tasks are handled by the back office staff.

Investors first choice- Kanakapura Road

Types of Investment Banking In India

1. Regional Boutique: They are more compact, serve no more than a dozen clients, and are experts in just one field.

2. Elite Boutique: They offer high-value deals and have numerous offices across the nation, just like corporate finance banks, but they do not have a global presence.

3. Middle Market: They have such a bigger footprint than the local boutique division, do business still, they do not have a global presence

4. Bulge Bracket: They are a global investment banking company. These banks operate with significant clients and money transfers; they are well-known internationally and have offices all over the world.

Below are a few national and International Invest banks

  • HSBC Securities & Capital Markets (India) Private Ltd.
  • ICICI Securities Ltd.
  • IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd.
  • JP Morgan India Private Ltd.
  • Morgan Stanley India Co. Private Ltd.
  • Religare Capital Markets Ltd.
  • SBI Capital Markets Ltd.
  • SMC Capitals Ltd.
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Goldman Sachs
  • BofA Securities
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Citigroup
  • UBS
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank

Does Taking Advice From Investment Banks Worth?

Well, the answer to this question depends on person to person. I will list a few pros and cons of investment banking. Go through it and decide for yourself.


With their knowledge and experience, the investment banking division manages their customers’ tasks in the most effective way

Optimizes the company’s income and, over time, builds its brand value to aid them in raising capital.

It saves time by identifying the risk involved with the projects in advance, assisting their client in managing large projects.

Investment banks help their clients remodel their businesses to get the maximum profit.


It is widely speculated that investment banking rifts do not offer their customers quality services, instead, they are more interested in making a lot of money through their fee charges.

It is one of the bank’s divisions, and it might have a conflict of interests with another division like equities or buying and selling, which might result in market manipulation.

Future of Investment Banking

investment-bankingWith the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating effects on the economy, the banking industry has recently experienced significant downfalls.

Even so, as more liquidity and capital enters the markets, the investment banking industry has risen as a combatant, aiming to achieve greater levels. The sector suffered as a result of the pandemic-related problems, which led to problems like falling share prices, market democratization, cash flow stress, dynamic economic rules, and customer disincentive. Because the pandemic is taking so long to end, the industry has decided to thrive despite it and has finally come to accept the fact it will last forever.

The future of investment banking is questionable due to recently developing market trends, ongoing pandemics, and recent breakouts. The assumption is that digitalisation and sector contests won’t represent a threat to this future. It is anticipated that the recent strong performance and recovery of the investment banking industry will continue shortly.

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The following are some trends or predictions for the industry shortly.

  1. An uninterrupted flow of capital
  2. Unstressed liquidity beginning to emerge
  3. Newly developed technologies
  4. Changing consumer expectations
  5. Models of business are evolving
  6. More lucrative

Sustainable Finance Products to become a Reality.

In 202- 23, there will probably be more social benefit projects that give access to environmental investment opportunities and financial standards that support net-zero goals and other sustainability goals.


We can infer from the conversation above that it is a crucial facet of the world economy. Employees in investment banking contribute expertly to the expansion of the economy and offer a wide range of services to their clients. Even though there are some cons, the advantages and the future of investment banking will overcome the disadvantages.


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