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What is Patta Chitta | Tamil Nadu Land Records

What is Patta Chitta | Tamil Nadu Land Records

Patta Chitta Online

Every state’s land record is named differently. In Tamil Nadu, It is called Patta Chitta. Let us see the details in the below post.

A Chitta is a document that contains information on the area, size, and ownership of the property, whereas a Patta is a record of a piece of land’s revenue. Beginning in 2015, all of the pertinent data from both of these publications have been combined into a single document that is available in Patta. In Tamil Nadu, citizens may now view the Chitta Patta, adangal certificate online. Proof of residency, ration card, citizenship certificate, and information about the family’s yearly income.

A “Patta” is the name for the document used in Tamil Nadu to establish a person’s legal ownership of property. Since the state of Tamil Nadu published the Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Land Record for its inhabitants, the Patta document may be accessed online and downloaded. The department of revenue is responsible for this service.

The digitization of land records was launched in 2015 by the Tamil Nadu government to make land record searches easier online To allow residents to access their patta chitta, the site of the online service was established.

There are different types of Patta included

The Natham Patta is given to those who don’t possess a home in their village

AD Condition Patta: The circular Adithravidar Nalan Dasildar is in charge of allocating various pieces of land to the landless tribals and Adithravidars. The individual governor signs the patta and adds a portrait of the patta holder.

Land Handover Patta: Also known as the “land handover belt,” this is where the government distributes free land to ex-servicemen, underprivileged members of the backward class, etc.

UDR (Updating Data Registry), Manual Patta, 2C Patta, and Joint Patta are some of the other patta kinds.

On the website of the Department of Revenue, Tamilnadu residents may download and view the patta for free. When acquiring a modified patta or transferring possession of the patta, people must pay Rs 100.

Here is guidance on how to submit an online request for patta chitta land survey information in Tamil Nadu

Visit the official website at to get the patta Chitta online.

Select “View Patta & FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract.”

To continue, provide information such as the taluk, village, ward, survey number, etc. All of the districts will be shown in the drop-down menu, except Mayiladuthurai, the 38th and most recent district in the state.

The Town Survey Land Registrar will issue you an online certificate with information about your property as soon as you submit it. This certificate will include every piece of information regarding the location, kind of land, land, survey number data, etc. that is available online.


Since a patta serves as legal evidence of a person’s rightful land ownership, it is essential evidence in cases when there is a disagreement between the landholder and the government or another landowner. If the government chooses to purchase the land, one becomes entitled to compensation. Additionally, the online Patta that you can get through the revenue department website turns into one of the crucial papers while selling the property. The Patta paperwork proves that the land is legitimately purchased, even in cases of unoccupied plots.


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