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Koramangala-White Collar Migrants First Choice In Bangalore-Why?

Koramangala-White Collar Migrants First Choice In Bangalore-Why?

White Collar migrants come to Bangalore from various parts of the country due to the wide range of job opportunities available in this city. Silicon Valley attracts thousands of people in thousands every month, but what part of Bangalore do they head to for rental accommodation? Koramangala. It’s their first choice for so many reasons ranging from availability of good housing to work opportunities and much more.

Koramangala – First Choice for Bangalore’s White-Collar Migrants!

Koramangala is located in Bangalore’s south-eastern section, wherein it offers quick access to Hosur Road and Outer Ring Road and also has fast access to the growing areas – Jayanagar and Electronic City. Such a centralized location enables migrants to reach their respective places of work quickly and conveniently. With a Silk board metro line coming up, a metro will soon run through this neighborhood offering greater and easier means of movement for them, thus enabling them to take up better work opportunities according to their skills.

Out of the many places that are suitable for residential life, it is Koramangala’s 1st Block and also its 4th and 5th Block that is best for such needs. During the 1970s this area of Bangalore enjoyed a sleepy village kind of existence. However, this environment transformed with the tech boom of the 1990s which started witnessing it becoming more of a commercial hub. It is a large neighborhood and very popular for its tree-line boulevards. Though there are many sections of moderate affordable housing, it is still a place with many luxury apartments, large bungalows and a lot of commercial structures like none other. Some places here you can find very affordable living space are Prestige Tranquil, Embassy Meadows, Mantri Classic, National Games Village And Raheja Residency.

The range of housing available here is good as you can find the best of apartments as well as luxury flats, bungalows and commercial buildings. It’s quite a popular residential locality with many types of housing developments and only later converted into a much sought after commercial hub in Bangalore. Many Bangalore residents consider it as one of the better places to live in the city but it is to be noted that prices of properties here are higher than other parts of the city.

Housing quality, water supply and electricity are the best in this area of Bangalore as over the years, the infrastructure has been improvised and modernized. You can find the best quality water available all the time, throughout the year, while power cuts happen rarely. Migrant workers will find such an environment to be ideal for living as they are able to get such important necessities as and when required.

In addition to being the center for many important companies, Koramangala surprisingly has a huge number of start-ups making it the entrepreneurial hub of Bangalore. Those seeking work will find a huge number of opportunities coming from them. Furthermore, they might also want to start a company of their own, offering unique service. Koramangala with its many commercial spaces and infrastructural strength is suitable for such a venture.

If you look into the real estate market, it all started here with the Raheja’s, the real estate developers who created the majestic Raheja Arcade. The popularity of this arcade was such that a lot of companies moved into it, making it a spot for such commercial activities. Then came the Forum Mall which was built according to international standards and till this day it is successful and visited by a large number of people from various age groups and income levels.

Developers interested in buying land parcels might have to put up with just a few small spaces of land being available to them due to so much of purchasing done by the residents of this area itself. This reveals the huge demand for land areas which are used to develop commercial properties or housing construction.

Koramangala’s First Class Educational Institutions

Many migrant workers constantly update their knowledge and existing skills by taking up new courses or doing a postgraduate course, while some of them might also want to be employed in the educational sector. Koramangala offers opportunities for such needs with its many educational institutions such as Jyoti Nivas College, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, St. John’s Medical College, TAPMI., TAPMI etc.

Top Companies Located Here

In terms of work opportunities, it is best to live in a place that offers easy access to the biggest software companies in the country. Koramangala is the base for top companies such as Artefacts (SaaS provider for Payments Industry), Toshiba Software India Pvt. Ltd. (TSIP), Tally Solutions, WIPRO, Infosys, IT training Company Koenig Solutions Ltd., Zenith Software, Tavant Technologies, Flipkart and much more! This list is only growing more….

Simply Delicious Food Outlets!

One of the things that a migrant worker would miss a lot is food, but if you live in Koramangala this is not a problem, no matter from which part of the country you have come from to settle here. This part of Bangalore gives the choicest restaurants, eateries, hotels, food courts, small food services and much more. It is not just the food service outlets that are diverse but also the kind of food offered which ranges from typical Kannadiga style meals to Chinese, American, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Bangladeshi food and much more. You can always find very friendly services that cater to your exact food habits, making way for an energetic meal that does not make you miss your native place.

Never Feel Away From Home!

You would also never feel like an outsider in Koramangala, even if you come from the farthest corners of the country. There are people living here from eastern India such as states like West Bengal, Manipuri, Assam as well as those from western India like Gujarati, Rajasthani, South like from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry etc. There is a neighborhood for everyone and all people mix alike, enjoy various types of cultural events that are hosted in so many venues all across Koramangala.

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