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Why Amenities and Open Spaces are Important in Residential Real Estate

Not just a great house, but now buyers also look for amenities and open spaces when

investing in their dream home or apartments.

This is why builders and developers have now changed their attention to providing

them with world-class facilities and large open spaces where they feel healthy and

close to nature by attracting buyers with the quality of properties.

Various amenities and open spaces solve a lot of problems and help buyers participate

in a variety of activities. Kids can make full use of the play area, elders can go for

walks in the large gardens, and others can use the gym and also go to the swimming

pool to stay fit and healthy. In fact, amenities are becoming the deciding factor for the

best residential apartments in Bangalore. With better amenities, more home buyers

are attracted to that project.


Why Open Spaces are Important in apartments?

For life as busy as yours, all you need to do is return back to some fresh air

Here are a few benefits of open spaces:

  • Good &Healthy Lifestyle
  • Enhance apartment Values
  • Close to Nature
  • Building a Gated Community
  • Improved Appearance of the Community


A safe and comfortable surrounding where the residents can have some alone time as

well as spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

When it comes to amenities in apartments, there is no limit to the number. The more

the amenities, the more it attracts buyers.

Clubhouse: A clubhouse inside the property’s premises will ensure that it takes care of

the need for gatherings, holidays, and family events. This also helps to develop the

spirit of the community and helps members save a lot of time, effort and resources as

well. The clubhouse is another place for meetings related to the community and its



Gym: Fitness is important and a gymnasium inside the premises would be very

beneficial to homeowners in a time-constrained environment. Almost every project

nowadays has a gymnasium as a standard requirement.


Kids Play-area: Children’s play-area acts both as a playground for kids and as a

bonding place for parents. Under such conditions, before selecting a house, children’s

play area becomes a priority for parents.


Swimming Pools: Swimming pools, a simple yet important amenity, serve both

relaxation and exercise. It is an expensive affair to apply for specifically designed

swimming pools in cities, plus it requires travel time. For many, a pool at home is a


As cities grow more populous and more crowded, residents will find themselves time-

constrained and difficult to move around. Properties that come with the required

facilities and open spaces provide the missing link of social and leisure requirements

for homeowners and this is one of the ways in which a property will distinguish itself

from the competition.

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