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NRI Real estate investment

Why Bangalore an attractive investment option for NRI?

Real estate is the most attractive option for NRI buyers who have surplus capital to

invest. NRIs look at Bangalore as one of the best investment destinations because of

the emotional connection with the country, more lucrative investment opportunities,

and the availability of caretakers to protect their purchased property. They find these

real estate investments as a means to protect their future and to make endowments

for living when they would require coming back to their motherland and settling down

here. Young NRIs have a typical way of looking at real estate investments. They want

the best property to invest, in short, they are in search of luxury projects in the best

location. The Bangalore Real Estate market has flourished over the years, providing

attractive options for all kinds of investors.

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in Bangalore if you are an NRI.


Cosmopolitan lifestyle: Because of the cosmopolitan lifestyle this city offers, NRIs

prefer real estate investment in Bangalore. People from all castes, faiths, races, and

nationalities settle down at various residential areas and seem to get easier with the

environment of this city. NRIs choose to live in a city that gives them a cosmopolitan

feel and helps them settle down faster. Residents busy with themselves and all service

providers using English as a means of communication make it easier for NRIs with

families to provide their children with the same atmosphere as found in the overseas



Prevalence of luxury house segment: Most of the big cities in India have very few

areas devoted to the luxury housing segment. The per capita income of the Bangalore

residents is higher than most of the cities of India. This figure suggests that the buying

capacity of the residents of this city is higher than other areas of the country. Thus, the

builders and developers find it easy to launch luxury housing projects in this city. The

availability of numerous luxury housing choices helps buyers to shop more before the

property is finalized.


Lucrative prices of Bangalore property: As the strength of the rupee continues to

weaken against the US dollar, the discounted and tempting prices of Bangalore

property fuels NRI real estate investment. In addition, the RBI’s simplification of rules

to attract foreign investment through the Foreign Exchange Management Act or FEMA

has throttled this already booming market.  The Act allows Indians living anywhere

abroad to purchase residential and commercial property except agricultural land.


Tax benefits: The tax advantages of NRI’s real estate investment in the country is

enviable. With the absence of a cap on the number of properties an NRI can buy, they

can easily invest in property by renting, selling, leasing, etc. They can invest in

multiple properties and, by rental income, leasing income, short-term and long-term

capital gains, earn a good return on investment.


Parts of Bangalore City Where NRI investments are at the top

Koramangla, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Whitefield are a few of the hot destinations for real

estate investment in Bangalore for NRIs. These areas have several options of

Independent houses, Villas and plots. Because of the ease of moving out of the city

without getting stuck in the city traffic, areas closer to the International Airport are

also seen as a lucrative area of investment for Bangalore Real Estate.

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