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Kanakapura Road Property Investment

Kanakapura Road Property Investment

Kanakapura Road Location – Is it a good investment?

Invest in Kanakapura road?Why? Are you planning to invest in a piece of land in Bengaluru? If yes, then this might interest you. Investing in a piece of land is never a bad idea. But before investing, certain parameters need to be considered. No doubt that Bangalore has a land value much higher than expected, but that is not enough. The land you are investing in must have good appreciation. One such locality, which is rapidly growing and has good land value and appreciation is the Kanakpura road. We will see some of the factors that make you invest in kanakapura road a good choice.

Why invest in Kanakapura Road

Fantastic Location

invest-in-kanakapura-roadKanakapura Road is a fantastic location in Bangalore’s real estate market. It is one of the most sought-after districts in south Bangalore, with home buyers from all across the city flocking to the area. There are a lot of villa projects and apartments coming up in the localities from various top builders and construction companies. The locality is so promising, with all the amenities nearby, with a good environment. The traffic is also quite less and minimal compared to the other parts of Bengaluru. If you are looking for a good locality with an eco-friendly neighborhood, then Kanakapura road is the best locality. The locality is one of the top reasons to invest here.


Even though the kanakpura road is in the suburb of south Bengaluru, the amenities at kanakapura road are developed keeping in mind irrespective of the crust of people. There are a lot of shopping complexes, recreational centers, malls, schools, universities, and other public amenities that make living easier. You won’t have to travel to any place for amusement because the apartments here are jam-packed with top-notch amenities and services.


Connectivity is one such factor that attracts investors or people. Everyone likes to live in a locality that has excellent connectivity. It is nearly impossible to complete these chores without good connectivity, whether it is going to work or going to the movies for some enjoyment. Arterial roadways are always the most connected. If your house is located near a national highway, state highway, or major road within city limits, it will always sell quickly. This is because these are the most efficient connections. As a result, there is always a demand for residences near these vital corridors.

Kanakapura Road, in Bengaluru, is one of the important main roads that ensure connection. It’s also known as National Highway 209. A national highway serves as a vital link. Daily, a large number of vehicles use these highways. For many enterprises that require commodities to be delivered from one end of the country to the other, it is a lifeline. Many notable local markets surround Kanakapura Road. It is closely connected to Electronic City’s Information Technology hub. Its distinguishing feature is its connectivity. The NICE Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, and Bannerghatta Road are all close Many notable local markets surround Kanakapura Road. It is closely connected to Electronic City’s Information Technology hub. Its distinguishing feature is its connectivity. The NICE Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, and Bannerghatta Road are all very close.

The Namma Metro is another aspect that will boost real estate in this area. Under this project, at least seven metro stations are being built in the locality. After the initiation of the metro connectivity, the property prices have risen at least by 15%.

Invest in Kanakapura Road for its Good Infrastructure

The Kanakapura road is one of the most sought-after localities and one of the most developing areas in South Bengaluru. Thanks to the good infrastructure in and around the locality. There are a lot of good schools, hospitals, villa projects, apartments, and many residential enclaves. No one likes to reside at a place that doesn’t have good infrastructure and amenities. Kanakapura road is well connected to some of the popular residential hubs of the city. With round the clock bus, auto and cab facilities to the prime locations of the city the locality is worth investing in.

Land Appreciation Rates in Kanakapura Road

The price of properties in Kanakapura Road starts from around ₹ 5.60 lacs. The current property and the land rates in and around Kanakapura road are reasonable and there are a lot of housing options available in the budget. The proposed infrastructure and property development will surely ensure land appreciation in the coming years. Several early investors have already made substantial profits, with some achieving more than their initial investment. In the near future, Kanakapura Road is likely to become a significant residential center.

All about Kanakapura Road

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