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Why JP Nagar is a Great Choice to Settle in South Bangalore?

Why JP Nagar is a Great Choice to Settle in South Bangalore?

About JP Nagar

Hey Guys, today I am writing something very close to my heart because I have been living here for ages. Probably, by now many would have guessed what I am up to. Yes, today I will be talking about a pleasant location, & yet very loud.

Any guesses? Yes, the very famous Jayaprakash Narayan Nagar, popularly known as JP Nagar. It is one of the most popular areas in South Bengaluru. JP Nagar is spread across 2500 acres with 9 phases. It is one of the most popular business hubs and most sought places for residential purposes. Many people love to settle down here. If you are a newbie to Bengaluru, don’t worry much, just go through the highlights of the place, instantly you will fall in love with it.

Good Connectivity

This place is the heart of the city. Anyone would love to settle down at a place that has good connectivity. JP Nagar is one such locality. The bus connectivity, metro connectivity, auto & cab facility is available at any point of the time. Has Nagar has excellent connectivity to almost all the locations of the city. With Good bus connectivity and metro connectivity, this is one of the most sought locations for residential purposes. The BMTC bus connectivity is so good that people who work in almost all locations of the city live here because commuting to work is made easy.

The Locality

I cannot just stop talking about the locality of JP Nagar. The locality has almost everything for everyone. The infrastructure is very well developed. Many people love settling here because it is predominant for residential use. The nearby localities of JP Nagar are Banashankari, BTM layout, Jayanagara, Bannerghatta road, Kumaraswamy layout. JP Nagar has wide roads, well-planned layouts, many temples nearby and good civic amenities. I have known some of my friends, who came here for a job search, settled down in JP Nagar due to their love for the locality.

What more that one can expect from a locality? This is the prime reason JP Nagar is perfect for settling down in south Bengaluru.

Climate & Environment

Who doesn’t love the Climate of Bengaluru? Everyone does. Especially the climate in Bengaluru changes from locality to locality. South Bengaluru, that too JP Nagar has a very cool and pleasant climate.


Once, Bengaluru was called the Garden city, with the growing number of buildings and the city expanding, it is no longer identified by the tag Garden City. In the urge of developing, we tend to forget to conserve the environment. For the sake of infrastructural development, thousands of trees have been axed. Only in a few areas, the climate is still the same. It is one such area of south Bengaluru where we can find a lot of Greens.

For many of you, it may be surprising to know that there is a hidden forest off Bannerghatta Road, the “Doresanipalya Forest “. This forest has different species of butterflies. There is also an Arkere forest and a mini forest. There are so many parks here with a lot of trees and plants.

The Mornings here will be very serene. Only people who wake up here know the tranquility of the place. It is also one of the reasons why many of them would prefer settling down at JP Nagar in south Bengaluru. 

Shopping & Entertainment

Folks who do a lot of shopping and want to roam around on the streets, love this place. The evenings in JP Nagar are so beautiful it cannot be explained in words, the aura of the place can only be felt. There are so many malls & shopping places nearby. The central mall, Gopalan Mall, Big Bazar, Reliance trends, MAX, BIBA, SOCH, Aurelia, Raymond, Manyavar so many to name.


If you are a street shopper like me, then JP Nagar has a variety of options. You get everything in JP Nagar. It has the topmost brands of clothing, bags, and footwear shops.

There are several places for entertainment. I am naming a few which I have tried and felt amazing.

  • Bannerghatta National Park
  • Meenakshi mall
  • Gopalan Mall
  • The sport mall
  • Vivekananda Theater
  • Indian Music Experience
  • Stanley Sports
  • Gamineazy Entertainment

Many of them like settling down in JP Nagar because it has the amenities affordable to all.

Schools and Hospitals

JP Nagar is fabricated so well that you cannot find a shortage of anything. Many of us look for Schools and hospitals while doing the locality research before settling down at any place. If you want to settle down in JP Nagar and are worried about your kid’s education, just have a look at the number of schools the locality has.

  • Orchids International School
  • VIBGYOR High School
  • The Brigade School
  • Ekya School JP Nagar
  • Orchids The International School
  • Samved School
  • National Public School (NPS)
  • Clarence Public School
  • Jain Public School
  • Frank Public School

An emergency can strike anytime. The locality has many multispecialty hospitals. I am naming a few below.

  • Tara Day Care Hospital
  • Rajasekar Multi Specialty Hospital
  • Neighborhood Hospital
  • Supra Hospital
  • Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout
  • Apollo
  • Orthopaedic Centre and Hospital

Restaurants and Pubs

How many of you like partying? If you are a party freak and food lover, then JP Nagar is one of the most happening places. The locality is covered by pubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, local eatery shops, South Indian cafes and whatnot. To make your search easy, I am naming a few of my favourite picks.


  • Levels pubs and kitchen
  • The Pub
  • The Pump House
  • Levitate Brewery and Kitchen
  • Bottle Breacher
  • The Chavadi multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Gilly’s Resto bar
  • The English breakfast
  • Barbeque Nation
  • A2b

No doubt, Bengaluru is a beautiful city. But all the localities are not made for residential purposes. It is not an area for me, it is an emotion. I have spent most of the years in JP Nagar.

I’m sure many of you would have an emotional connection with anyone locality? Let me know in the comment section which locality in Bengaluru, you would love to settle down.

Isn’t this very useful? We hope it is. Why don’t you just spare a little more time reading about Jayanagar locality overview


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