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Worried About The Exterior Design Of The House? Consider Stone Cladding

Worried About The Exterior Design Of The House? Consider Stone Cladding


Stone Cladding

The exterior of the house or the building lends magnificence and classiness to any structure and the look of the house continues to be the first place where style is expressed. There are so many types of exterior design materials available in the market nowadays, but stones are one of the most popular choices for exterior facades. The allure of stone cladding is that it gives any area a unique look. The stone cladding can be used for both interior and exterior design of the wall to improve the appearance of the space because it is a versatile material.

In recent days, many people use stone claddings for the exterior elevation of their homes. Hard stone rocks like granite, sandstone, basalt, and slate are the most popular options for exterior wall cladding in India, whereas softer materials like marble are better suited for interiors. Before choosing the best type of stone, it is important to take into account several factors, such as the size, appearance, and type of composites.


What Is Stone Cladding?

For the interior wall or exterior wall of a building, stone cladding is a thin layer of stone that is typically applied on top of a non-stone material, like concrete. The purpose of stone cladding is to decrease the weight of natural stone used in buildings and to decrease building costs.


The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Natural Stone For Cladding

Every building material has advantages and disadvantages depending on your particular application. To assist you in deciding if the natural stone cladding is the right choice for your project, we’ll look at some of its benefits and drawbacks in the following section.


The Advantages of Stone Cladding

Stone cladding wall design gives a classy look

Very tough and long durability

A wide variety of designs are available

It compliments almost any type of background

Stone cladding wall design acts as an insulator against heat and cold

Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications

Fire and water, scratch resistant

Potential to raise the value of your independent house Simple to maintain over time


Disadvantages of Stone Cladding

Requires a structural substrate, which can increase the price.

Installation may be labor- and time-intensive.

Much more costly  than some other cladding materials

Sealing is required for protection.

Strong cleaning agents may damage the surface if used.

If incorrectly installed can hold water behind the material, potentially damaging the stone

Professional installation is recommended


Type of Stone Cladding Materials

Granite:  Granite is a hard material. The stone comes in a variety of hues, including grey, pink, and white. For use in a rock wall, granite is typically quarried into large, rectangular shapes.

Concrete stones: Wall cladding designs can be created using artificially produced concrete stones. They are uniform in size, inexpensive, and simple to work with.

Fieldstone: This material comes in a variety of sizes and is typically more rounded than newly broken quarried stone.

Sandstone and limestone; are both natural stones that can be carved into any shape, be it regular or irregular. They can also be used as veneer, backing a stone wall with concrete.

Below Are The Top Stone Wall Cladding Design Types


Rainforest stone wall cladding

Indian rainforest marble is a stunning marble tile that features rich gradations of white, green, dark brown, and dark red. Remarkable veins cut through its black surface, creating a movement pattern like the roots of trees searching for moisture. These tiles have elevated to the status of top-rated marble tile products for use in a variety of construction and decoration projects due to their veining pattern and aesthetically pleasing character. Every natural stone tile is a unique work of art. The Rainforest Marble Tiles have exceptional durability and an unrivaled super clean visual appeal. As a result, this tile is a stunning piece of natural stone that completely transforms the look of any space.


White Marble wall cladding

The white base of the White Indian Marble is adorned with gray veins. When it comes to Indian Gray Marble, there is never a dull moment because it is a timeless classic that is always in style. If you want marble with a surface texture and striking colors, the White Statuario Marble is a fantastic choice. It feels and looks natural and is strong.  This stunning and hard natural stone has a shelf life of 15 to 30 years and will last for many years with proper care. The strength and beauty of this stone are only two of its many constructive qualities. This stone cladding design is extremely popular among home buyers for several reasons.


Airlie wall cladding

The distinctive beige tones in Airlie Wall Cladding contrast nicely with its dramatic deeper tints, making it the perfect material for covering large areas. It is delivered as a loose mixture of natural stone fragments. A construction worker then wants to install the stone wall piece by piece, giving it a natural, solid look. Corner pieces come in a range of sizes and lengths. The Airlie stone cladding design can be installed with or without infilled joints depending on your choices.


Black Natural Stone Wall Cladding Design

For many years to come, black stone wall cladding design will remain in vogue and be a preferred option among homeowners. In addition to giving your bedroom a timeless appearance, black tiled walls can be used to accent any color scheme. To thoroughly revamp your bedroom and add a touch of black beauty, be sure to choose one with sharp edges.


3D stone cladding

To achieve a beautiful visible effect that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, stone tiles with a 3D appearance can be used as an alternative to plain cladding. As a way to enhance the appearance of the stone wall outside the gate, keep in mind that you will need to bring a lighting source that casts shadows. Granite, which is readily available for affordable prices and can help you create it, can also be used to achieve this look. It is extremely durable and can easily withstand being exposed to the elements.

These are the top 5 stone cladding design types that can be used both for the interior and exterior of the house.

How Much Does Installing A Stone Cladding Cost?

Stone cladding can cost a home buyer from Rs 50 per sq ft to Rs 700 per sq ft in India, depending on the stone used.



As you can see, natural stone cladding has both benefits and drawbacks. Natural stone cladding’s durability and aesthetic appeal are its two main appealing points. There are no two stone feature walls exactly alike because each piece has its distinct textures, color tones, and flaws. A high-quality natural stone wall will hold up well over time. Stone cladding is not a DIY project. Take professional advice before installing the stone cladding for walls.

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