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house on rent in bangalore

Your Perfect Place: House on Rent in Bangalore

House On Rent In Bangalore

How to Find Your Perfect Rental Home in a Sprawling City Like Bangalore!

In a huge city like Bangalore, finding a rental house can seem like a mammoth task, but if you use the right strategies and keep yourself organised in the way you go about finding the right place to rent, you will be able to get exactly what you need.

How Do You Find the Rental Home You Need?

house on rent in bangaloreIt might be easy if you approach a real estate agent, as they can help you find a good property quickly. Of course, there is a fee to be paid for using their services. You can also do your own independent search, but it will require that you investigate everything on your own. There are many online property rental sites and ad apps that can also help you find exactly the kind of rental property you need.

Online listings and apps are easy-to-use and simple, and there are many filters that will help narrow down the rental search to exactly what you need. They give photos, a detailed description of the properties, and the owner’s contact information. A point of caution here: you need to check the legitimacy of any site that you are using.

Advantages of Renting a Property in Bangalore

House On Rent In BangalorePeople find rental homes an easy means of getting a property to live in, particularly if they are going to stay for a couple of months a year or two in a city. It is also an option for those who can’t afford to buy their own homes. Furthermore, there are plenty of choices on rental properties, such as location, size, and rental amount, which makes them very attractive over owning a property. They offer a good space to live, minus the maintenance responsibilities that an owner has to face. The rental income can be used to get deductions in insurance and tax and cut down on mortgage payments.

Your Rental Checklist: Things You Must Do to Find the Perfect Rental Home!

However, the process of renting a home in a huge city like Bangalore can be cumbersome, so here is a look at what you need to do prior to finding your rental home:

  • Find out how much household expenses have to be met with every month from your income. You’ve got to be realistic about your financial situation, as it will help determine exactly how much can be set aside for rent.
  • Renting does not involve just paying up the rental amount, as you also need to look into other associated expenses such as utility bills, maintenance costs, advance rental payments, or security deposits from the landlord.
  • Look into various neighbourhoods in Bangalore to find out which is suitable for your needs. Some are close to schools, hospitals, software companies, and production centres, while others are closer to shopping malls, wholesale shops, recreational areas, etc. Factors such as amenities available, noise, transportation facilities, and safety will influence your choice of neighbourhood.
  • How are you going to find the rental property? Is it going to be through online sites that offer no broker deals? Or are you going to get in touch with a property rental agent to find a rental property that is suitable for your preferences and budget?
  • You might want to look into a rental home that offers easy access to important places in the city, groceries, a pharmacy, and a local doctor’s clinic, because if such conveniences are close, you don’t have to spend too much time commuting.
  • What type of home do you need? Is it an apartment, an independent house, a villa, or perhaps a penthouse? It all depends on your lifestyle and living preferences. How many rooms and bathrooms should it have, and do you want a furnished or unfurnished home? What about facilities like a gym, swimming pool, etc. that enhance your quality of life?
  • Find out about various rental terms and agreement clauses, because only then can you know what type of rental contract you are signing. What is the lease duration, what are the options to renew the lease, and what is mentioned about payment for repairs and maintenance charges?
  • It is vital to be informed about the current rental rates across the city or the flat, apartment, or individual home you want to rent. The rental amount is based on the facilities available inside the home, its location, and its size. So if the amount specified for the property you are looking into is huge, negotiate; otherwise, look for another place.
  • Once you start negotiating the rental amount and other terms, also discuss the maintenance responsibilities, and if there are any repairs or upgrades that need to be done after you move into the home, this should also be specified and agreed upon before moving in.
  • You can also look into low-cost rental insurance, which gives you the peace of mind of getting financial protection if a disaster were to strike the property.


Once you have decided on a particular home, you need to check its interior, so schedule a home inspection where you meet the owner inside the premises and have a walkabout. This will help you look at the property in detail and look into its provisions for natural and artificial lighting, ventilation facilities, and also the neighborhood environment.

After this step, you need to get various documents ready, which the landlord will usually ask for, such as proof of identity, income statements, and also some work references. The landlord will also make their own inquiries through background checks that reveal your history of renting properties and your creditworthiness.

Once the rental agreement has been prepared by the landlord and shown to you, read out its terms and conditions carefully. There may be a mention of additional charges, such as water charges, parking fees, and policies for pets. If you need to, consult with a lawyer about your rights as a tenant and ask for advice on how to discuss the security deposit and maintenance responsibilities with the landlord, as this will help prevent any conflicts from arising when you are well into your tenancy.

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